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Contacting MOA Staff

You can reach any of the staff by calling MOA HQ in Greer, South Carolina, at (864) 438-0962. We'll do our best to answer your call during business hours (in the eastern time zone) and will return your call as soon as possible if we're unable to speak to you when you call. You can email a staff member directly or use our CONTACT FORM to reach out to us if you're not sure who can best address your issue. We will get your question routed to the best person to answer it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Ted Moyer, Executive Director

I've been fortunate enough to work in the motorcycle industry for better than 20 years. The thought never crossed my mind when I threw a leg over a saddle for the first time that one day I would be fortunate enough to call this place home. My predecessor called it the best job in the world and he was right.

I'm thankful for the passion of MOA members and my teammates that serve the MOA. It makes everyday special.


Bill Wiegand, Managing Editor

A friend once described riding a motorcycle as the closest you can get to flying without ever leaving the ground. While the sensation we all feel when twisting a throttle is unique to each of us, it's also what brings us together and a big part of the camaraderie we all feel regardless of what we ride.

It's an honor to serve the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America and share the stories and images of our members each month through the pages of BMW Owners News.

Karin Halker, Art Director

Karin brings to the MOA a 20+ year career in marketing, specializing in print publication and promotional adversing. She is responsible for the monthly design and production of the BMW Owners News magazine, while also creating visual collateral to support membership and marketing strategies. She works closely with all members of the MOA staff to ensure the quality, accuracy and vision of all MOA products.

Karin says, "Working for the MOA is both exciting and challenging. It’s fun to share the passion and enthusiasm of our membership each month through the pages of the Owners News. I especially enjoy our national rallies and getting to meet all the wonderful people that make our club great."

Ray Tubbs, Digital Marketing Manager
Motorcycling came easy starting at the age of five. Throughout a 30-year law enforcement career, motorcycles were always the one constant that bound all the loose pages of life together. That made the madness of the world disappear in the mirror as the road stretched out before me. I came to own BMW motorcycles, and join the MOA, in 1992 and have grown to appreciate the unique nature of both. As a current part of the MOA membership team, I strive to enhance the traits that have served me through my life: Service with understanding, response with compassion and performance with integrity.

Wes Fleming, Digital Media Editor

Our chief weapon is the membership. The membership and the website. Our two weapons are the website and the membership. And ruthless efficiency. Our THREE weapons are the membership, website and ruthless efficiency. And an almost fanatical devotion to BMW motorcycles.

Plus also content! I'm dedicated to translating the words, images, sounds and video created by MOA members into web pages, podcast episodes, YouTube videos and more! Reach out if you have an idea and let me help you turn it into something everybody who rides can enjoy.

Chris Hughes, Director of Advertising

Having been a lifelong motorcyclist, Chris started riding BMWs in the 1980s and joined the BMW MOA shortly afterward. His devotion to motorcycling started while growing up in Seattle and commuting to school for several years, rain or shine, before ever owning a four-wheeled vehicle.

Now an MOA Life Member with over 400,000 miles on his BMWs, he enjoys all aspects of the motorcycle lifestyle. Touring on an R 1200 RT, sport touring on his Ducati and off-road riding on a Honda CRF450.

He brings to the MOA a vast historical and technical knowledge of BMW motorcycles along with a unique ability to communicate on a personal level with members and clients as well as others involved in the motorcycle industry.

"I have loved every minute of being on two wheels, and I'm truly grateful to have spent nearly 16 years working with the MOA and the BMW Owners News, and representing our membership within the motorcycle industry. I look forward to many more."

Jackie Hughes, Events Coordinator
Statement forthcoming

Tonya McMeans, Membership Services
You know what is amazing about BMW Motorcycles Owners of America? The Members! I love speaking to members, learning about the passion our members have for motorcycles and the adventures they discover being part of BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. As part of the membership team, I address members with inquiries, requests and/or problems in a friendly, respectful, courteous and professional manner.

Tori Ricci, Membership Services

Moving from Rhode Island to South Carolina, I was looking for a new start to grow. Coming from the food service and nutrition industry, BMW motorcycles are completely new to me. I worked in the service industry for 12 years and am confident I can successfully serve our members.

Within the last year or so of being here and getting to know our members, I have seen how passionate people are about their BMWs. I have been in other motorcycle clubs, on poker runs and a few other meets, but I have never seen the passion at those events compared to what I have found within our membership. I am happy to be here to help our members!

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