This Year's Board Election

2018 Board Election Information

How to Run for Office

Running for office is easy. You’ll need to fill out a couple forms, get a few signatures, write a bit about yourself and find a decent photo. Package all these together and send it along to the Chairman of the Candidate Search Committee.

Candidate Search Committee members are as follows:


Step by Step:

  1. Get five hand written signatures from fellow MOA members. We’ve provided a handy sheet that allows you to record their name and MOA number, along with space for some information about you. Please complete this form, scan it to a PDF file and attach it to an e-mail to the Committee Chair.
  2. Put together an up-to 500-word document that details your position: what do you want to do? Your statement & photo will appear in the April issue of the Owners News and is your best chance to promote your candidacy. Bear in mind that if your statement is more than 500 words long, we’re going to snip it right between word 500 and 501. (Hint: Microsoft Word has a nice word count function that makes this easy). Please send your file (Microsoft Word is preferred.) as an e-mail attachment to the Committee Chair.
  3. Find a photo of yourself. It’s not strictly required, but people may know you by sight, not by your name. Help them vote for you by providing a decent high-resolution picture of yourself.
  4. Mail or email (email is preferred) the whole thing off to the Candidate Search Committee Chairman (contact information above) to arrive no later than 2/1/2018. They MUST be in our hands by 2/1/2018 or they’ll be discarded. Barring any questions by the Candidate Search Committee, you’ll be ready to go at this point!

Election Process

  • October: President appoints Candidate Search Committee. See Article IV Elections – Section 2 of Bylaws.
    • The Executive Director provides the Candidate Search Committee with copies of:
    • BMW MOA by-laws (See especially Candidate Search Committee instructions)
    • Board Code of Conduct and Ethics
    • Election procedures
    • Board member contact information
  • October 10: Secretary submits Election Announcement to ON for inclusion in the December issue and on the website. See Article IV Elections – Section 1 of Bylaws
  • January Board Meeting: BOD shall designate an election committee consisting of at least two people to certify the results of the election, report the results to the President and Secretary, and authorize destroying the ballots. See Article IV Elections – Section 3 of Bylaws
  • February 1: Election materials (bio/position statement) due to the Chairman of the Candidate Search Committee. If not enough submissions are received, the Committee will identify two eligible candidates). This is the last date for candidates to change their bio or withdraw from running. See Section 6.1 Policy and Procedures
  • February 8: The Committee confirms that each position statement contains no more than 500 words, validates each candidate is an active MOA member, prepares a cover sheet identifying the candidates and their position statements and photographs and sends the originals to the Secretary. Candidate Search Committee will notify all candidates of slate submitted. A list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the qualified candidates shall be mailed by the Committee to the Board of Directors and all qualified candidates by this date. See Section 6.2 Policy and Procedures.
  • February 15: The Secretary will approve the election materials submitted by the Candidate Search Committee Chair and submit to the Editor of the BMW Owners News by February 15th. The Secretary shall notify the Executive Director once this is accomplished noting any changes necessary. See Section 6.3 Policy and Procedures. The Executive Director will insure that the printer receives the database of those members eligible to vote for mailing of ballots.
  • February 10: Secretary to provide Notice of Upcoming Election in BMW ON. The Editor will only accept election materials from the Secretary. These materials will appear in the April issue. The Editor will design the ballot which will be reviewed by the Secretary and the Executive Director. Final copy is due by February 22d. The approved election materials will be posted on the BMW MOA website on April 1st
  • April 1 – First date for voting Members will mail the ballots to the BMW MOA auditor for collection, counting and reporting of results to the Secretary.
  • April 30 – Last postmark for balloting; ballots must be received by May 10. Auditor will certify the result of the election and report to president and secretary the certified results of the election, including the name of all candidates and the number of votes credited to each. The President and Secretary shall notify the successful candidates as soon as practicable.
  • May 15 – The Election Committee shall certify the result of the election, and report to the President and the Secretary the certified results of the election, including the name of all candidates and the number of votes credited to each on or before May 15. The President and/or the Secretary shall notify the successful candidates as soon as practicable.
  • May 15 - Notification of Results. The Secretary shall cause the results of the election to be printed in BMW Owners News and the BMW MOA Website as soon as practicable, but no later than the July issue following the election.
  • July Rally – Beginning of Term of Office. New Board will then elect 2018 Officers from within their ranks.
  • August 1 – Ballots authorized to be destroyed by Election Committee and reported to President and the Secretary.

Download the nomination form as WORD DOCUMENT or FORM-FILLABLE PDF.

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