It's the Superstakes!

The Complete Winner's List 

April Earlybird K 1600 GT: Dennis Carr, Floyds Knobs, IN

May Bonus R 1200GS Rallye: Jack Cronin, Denver, CO

Drawing #1 S 1000 XR: Timothy Fisk, College Park, MD

Drawing #2 R 1200 GS ADV: Matthew Winer, Atlanta, GA

Drawing #3 K 1600 GT: Thomas McCaslin, Las Vegas, NV

Drawing #4 R 1200 RT: Arthur Lowrance, St. Augustine, FL

Drawing #5 S 1000 RR: James Francl, Appleton, WI

Drawing #6 S 1000 XR: William Gillen, Clemson, SC

Drawing #7 R 1200 GS ADV: Douglas Dodd, Marysville, TN

Drawing #8 R 1200 RT: James Robison, San Jose, CA

Drawing #9 S 1000 RR: Lloyd Church, Cambridge, VT

Drawing #10 S 1000 XR: Miles Dear, Austin, TX

Drawing #11 R 1200 GS ADV: Michael Bell, Kenosha, WI

Drawing #12 K 1600 GT: James Harr, Oklahoma City, OK

Drawing #13 R 1200 RT: Douglas Barnes, Lake Ann, MI

Drawing #14 S 1000 RR: Michael May, St. Louis, MO

Drawing #15 S 1000 XR: Kerry Burrage, Dunsford, ON

Grand Prize Winner's Choice: Eric Stewart, Gardiner, NY

Congratulations to all the winners!


Superstakes Updates

Superstakes winners to be drawn, announced and Broadcast in Denver

It's unfortunately too late to get a Superstakes ticket, but nearly 7,000 of them were sold! That means we'll be giving away 16 motorcycles at a special event being held at BMW of Denver on Saturday, 8 July. Join BMW of Denver and the MOA for the drawings, free food and drink, live entertainment and a spin through BMWoD's virtual reality station from 11.30 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. (The dealership is open normal Saturday hours, 9 am to 5 pm.)

We'll be doing our best to broadcast live from the Superstakes drawing, so keep an eye on the MOA Facebook page.


June 20: Just Ten Days Left!

June 6: We're Counting Down to the End!

May 30: More Motorcycles in the Prize Pool 


May 27: May Bonus Drawing Winner

May 25: May Bonus Drawing and Complete Ticket Buyer List

May 18:

April 27: The Superstakes is up to 15 new BMW motorcycles in the prize pool

April 15: Dennis Carr Announced as Earlybird Winner

April 15: May Bonus Drawing Announced

March 31: Prize Pool Grows to 13 BMW Motorcycles

The Superstakes is back for 2017 and it’s bigger than ever. The popular raffle that supports the BMW MOA Foundation will include a minimum of eleven new BMW motorcycles including a new R1200GS Adventure or K1600GT for early ticket buyers. And, the grand prize will be the winner’s choice of any motorcycle in the BMW lineup! Did you have your eyes set on a new K1600GTL Exclusive? It could be yours.

But that’s not all. The Foundation is sweetening the pot this year with an incredible offer of adding another new BMW motorcycle to the prize pool for every 1,000 tickets sold. That’s right. Eleven motorcycles are guaranteed to be given away, but the prize list can grow daily with every 1,000 tickets sold. Based on previous Superstakes contests, the Foundation will likely be drawing for twenty new BMW motorcycles in July - over $400,000 in prizes for BMW MOA members.

MOA members can purchase tickets for $100 each between March 1 and June30, 2017. Every ticket has at least ten chances to win and maybe more. Early bird ticket buyers who purchase a ticket before April 1 will be entered in a special early bird drawing to win their choice of a new R1200GS Adventure or a new K1600GT! The early bird drawing will take place April 15.

Don’t forget the grand prize. If your ticket is the final one drawn, you will have your choice of new BMW motorcycles to ride. Choose from a new R1200GS Adventure, R1200RT, K1600 GT, GTL or Exclusive! Want a new S1000RR? It can be yours.

There is no limit to the number of tickets and the more tickets sold, the greater the number of prizes. For every 1,000 tickets, another motorcycle will be added to the prize list. We start with ten new BMW motorcycles and add one every time 1,000 tickets are sold! It’s called the Superstakes for a reason!

Prize List

  • Earlybird: Winner’s Choice 2017 BMW R1200GS Adventure (prize value: $18,695) or 2017 BMW K1600GT (prize value: $21,995)
  • May BONUS Drawing: 2017 BMW R 1200 GS and $5,000 in accessories (prize value: $21,695)
  • Drawing 1: 2017 S1000XR (prize value:$16,350)
  • Drawing 2: 2017 R1200GS Adventure (prize value:$18,695)
  • Drawing 3: 2017 K1600GT (prize value:$21,995)
  • Drawing 4: 2017 R1200RT (prize value: $18,145)
  • Drawing 5: 2017 S1000RR (prize value:$15,695)
  • Drawing 6: 2017 S1000XR (prize value:$16,350)
  • Drawing 7: 2017 R1200GS Adventure (prize value:$18,695)
  • Drawing 8: 2017 R1200RT (prize value:$18,145)
  • Drawing 9: 2017 S1000RR (prize value:$16,350)
  • Grand Prize: Choose any BMW motorcycle in the 2017 US model lineup (prize value:$30,355)

contest Rules

  1. Superstakes ticket sales begin March 1, 2017 and end June 30, 2017.
  2. All ticket orders must be RECEIVED on or before June 30, 2017.
  3. Superstakes tickets may be ordered online at, by calling (864) 438-0962 or by mailing the Superstakes order blank posted in the BMW Owners News.
  4. Complete prize list is available online at
  6. Multiple ticket purchases by a single buyer are permissible.
  7. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a ticket
  8. Any ticket number can win more than one prize.
  9. Odds of winning depend on final number of tickets sold.
  10. All winning numbers will be drawn Saturday July 8, 2017.
  11. Complete winners list will be posted at
  12. Winners claiming their prize must present winning number and PHOTO IDENTIFICATION.
  13. Winners are subject to all applicable taxes. Consult your local tax professional for exact tax liability.
  14. The BMW MOA Foundation reserves the right to replace, substitute or exchange any of the prizes listed with a similar prize of equal or greater value.
  15. BMW MOA Foundation Board members, BMW MOA employees, contractors and their immediate families are ineligible to win. Immediate family defined as spouse and dependent children.
  16. The BMW MOA, BMW MOA Foundation, their officers, directors, employees, volunteers, sponsors or any person or organization affiliated with BMW MOA will not assume any liability for any loss, injury, claim or otherwise resulting from any prize obtained through the sale of a ticket. By submitting an order for a Superstakes ticket and receiving a drawing number, the buyer acknowledges this limitation of liability and assumes any liability and will hold harmless the BMW MOA Foundation or any affiliate for any liability resulting from the purchase of this ticket or any prize resulting therefrom.


When can I buy Superstakes tickets?

Tickets are available for purchase between March 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017. Any orders for Superstakes tickets must be RECEIVED by these dates.

How do I purchase a Superstakes ticket?

Tickets can be purchased on the website at or by calling (864) 438-0962.  Order blanks will also be available through the BMW Owners News with a return mailing address.

Are you going to send me an actual ticket?

No. United States Postal Service regulations prohibit mailing lottery or raffle tickets. Buyers will receive an email with a link to print the actual ticket receipt. Ticket buyers who do not have an email address will receive an order confirmation of their ticket purchase. The original order will be kept on file at the BMW MOAF office.

How many tickets can I purchase?

You may purchase as many tickets as you like. 

I purchased a Superstakes ticket and I have not received anything in return. How can I check on my purchase?

Please allow 2 – 3 weeks to process your order. Buyer names and ticket numbers will be listed in alphabetical order at If you do not have any confirmation, you can email

Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes. You can purchase tickets online at

Can I sell my ticket to someone else?

No. The tickets are not transferable.

How much are the tickets?

Single tickets are $100 each.

Are there any discounts on multiple tickets?

Tickets are $100 each and there are no discounts for multiple tickets, however, you can purchase as many tickets as you like.

What are the prizes this year?

The prize pool for the Superstakes is as follows:

  • Earlybird: 2017 BMW R1200GS Adventure (prize value:$18,695) or 2017 BMW K1600GT (prize value:$21,995)
  • Drawing 1: 2017 S1000XR (prize value:$16,350)
  • Drawing 2: 2017 R1200GS Adventure (prize value:$18,695)
  • Drawing 3: 2017 K1600GT (prize value:$21,995)
  • Drawing 4: 2017 R1200RT (prize value:$18,145)
  • Drawing 5: 2017 S1000RR (prize value:$15,695)
  • Drawing 6: 2017 S1000XR (prize value:$16,350)
  • Drawing 7: 2017 R1200GS Adventure (prize value:$18,695)
  • Drawing 8: 2017 R1200RT (prize value:$18,145)
  • Drawing 9: 2017 S1000RR (prize value:$16,350)
  • Grand Prize: Choose any BMW motorcycle in the 2017 US model lineup (prize value:$30,355)


How many prizes are available?

Ten prizes are available at the outset of the contest.  As the number of tickets sold increases, so do the number of motorcycles available to win. For every 1,000 tickets sold, an additional motorcycle will be added to the original ten.  1,000 tickets = 11 motorcycles, 2,000 tickets = 12 motorcycles, etc.

Can I win more than one prize?

Yes.  Every ticket number is included in every drawing.  All tickets numbers have an equal chance of winning.  You can purchase multiple tickets for better odds of winning.

What are the odds for winning?

Actual odds depend on the number of tickets purchased.  The more tickets you purchase, the better your odds of winning.

When is the drawing?

Time and Location TBD. 

Do I have to be present to win?

No, the winner will be contacted by phone, email or registered mail within 14 days of the drawing.

If I win the motorcycle, are you going to ship it to me?

No, the winner is responsible for all delivery costs and arrangements. 

Is the first service (or any service) included as part of the prize for the motorcycle?

No.  Maintenance costs will be the responsibility of the winner.

I don’t live in the United States. Will the winning motorcycle be legal in my country?

All motorcycles will be US specification models. You should check with your local governing body to determine if that model can be imported into your country. We will do our best to accommodate non-US winners, but prize value may be affected.

I can’t import a US specification motorcycle into my country. Are you going to buy me a motorcycle that meets my country requirements?

No, but you can opt for a cash value prize as specified in the prize list.  The motorcycle prizes awarded in the Superstakes are US specification motorcycles. 

I don’t want the motorcycle or any of the other prizes. Is there a cash option?

Yes. Cash value will be the base MSRP for the prize as listed above.

Do I have to pay taxes on the prize?

Yes, any federal, state and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

How much are the taxes on the prize?

Taxes depend on the prize won and your geographical location.  You should contact a local tax professional for a specific amount of your tax liability.

Are you sending tax forms at the end of the year?

Yes, you will receive the appropriate tax forms.

I have other questions. Who should I contact?

You may submit questions through the contact form on the Superstakes page at

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