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BMW announces changes to 2021 models

Thursday, July 30, 2020   (6 Comments)
Posted by: MOA Staff

It seems as if every year, motorcycle manufacturers roll out changes in color schemes - maybe throwing in a special edition - to entice us into buying the same motorcycles they were trying to sell last year.

One can hardly blame them, especially in these days when a certain global pandemic is affecting leisure activities and purchase in a generally negative fashion. Before you write us any nasty letters, yes, we understand many in the MOA do not consider motorcycling to be a leisure activity, but rather a way of life.

BMW Motorrad is making a number of changes in their lineup for the 2021 model year, summarized here for your edification.

For the R 1250 R and RS:

  • EU-5 is here! Unfortunately, the press release is ambiguous and doesn't give any information as to what "changeover to EU-5" actually means. EU-5 in the news typically represents France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. They have agreed to the commercial oversight activities of a group called the Shared Territory JCC, where JCC stands for Joint Commercialization Committee. Seeing as how the UK is extracting itself - slowly - from the European Union, this could be part of the agreement in that regard.
  • Riders will no longer be able to disengage ABS.
  • Option 719 Stardust is dropped, as are a number of other Option 719, options. Other Option 719 items take their place, though.
  • The HP muffler is replaced by a "sports" muffler.
  • Driving Mode Pro now includes engine drag torque control (whatever that is).

For the K 1600 GT and GTL:

  • Option 719 color schemes dropped, other paint schemes added. (I know, exciting!)
  • Also applies to the K16B/GA: Reverse aid and the adaptive cornering lights are now standard, as are the tire control RDC and daytime running lights.
  • Also applies to the K16B/GA: The safety package is no longer available.

The K 1600 B and Grand America lose the metallic blue color scheme, but gain Mars red metallic, along with changes to optional equipment. Buyers can now get factory-installed engine protection bars and LED aux lights.

Over in S 1000 RR land, we have the "changeover to EU-5" again, plus a slew of M-branded parts, including some neat electronic geegaws such as a USB charging port and a GPS lap trigger, which allows the data logger to trigger the lap timer/counter by GPS instead of the rider having to do it manually. Both the RR and XR can have the optional M-branded endurance chain, which in the absence of detail could just be a heavier-duty chain.

The S 1000 XR gets some cosmetic changes (a new white/blue/red scheme) and a windshield option, as well as access to the M-branded parts, endurance chain, USB charging port and lap timer. BMW is updating the optional luggage rack to better accommodate 30 and 49-liter top cases.

The R 18 (which hasn't been delivered to anybody yet) gets optional cruise control. Riders everywhere wonder why it wasn't already available.

Lastly, the new F 900 R and XR get LED turn signals as standard in the USA, and activation for the Pro driving mode will no longer be done with a coding plug.


Paul Gillett says...
Posted Monday, August 3, 2020
One key improvement would be to change the radiator for something larger, which didn't get covered by road spray (especially after salt has been spread as anti-icing measure), which didn't make matters worse by having the fan suck the spray through the matrix, ready to corrode the fins, and didn't cost an exorbitant amount to replace. It should also be covered under the extended warranty. Several police riders in UK have forsworn K1600s because the radiator has proved so unreliable when ridden briskly through hilly / alpine territory.
William Henning says...
Posted Saturday, August 1, 2020
It would be nice to see a blind spot indicator like every car on the road has now, that would likely save some lives for motorcyclists. Or a deceleration brake light actuated when you slow down by engine braking without hitting the brakes. Cars behind you not paying close attention are often caught off guard when your bike slows down suddenly without any warning to them. BMW needs to adopt the old MG auto slogan, "Safety Fast", and be a leader on this front. I am certain that would attract new customers from other marques, especially by anyone who has ever had a crash.
Gary McAlum says...
Posted Saturday, August 1, 2020
Love my 2015 K1600 GTL but it needs some standard mods. LED aux lights (good those will be standard and hope they dare as good as my Clearwaters). The stereo. Sigh. It is so mediocre and who has cracked the code for pairing Bluetooth devices with the GPS and stereo. My goodness what a complete hassle. Better windshield needs to come standard.
Mark Lisa says...
Posted Saturday, August 1, 2020
I am reluctant to leave my 2012 K1600GT behind, I still think it is one of the top bikes on the road both in power and comfort (I have added a BMS Saddle, and a taller windscreen as the only additions to the stock machine). Only a few things I’d like to see improved: getting rid of the “clunk” out of neutral to 1st, and self-cancelling turn signals. Oops, I forgot, also: keyless ignition. I hope to ride this bike for many more years. Good for the Service Dept. Bad for the Sales Dept.
Gregg Smrz says...
Posted Saturday, August 1, 2020
This is the most fun touring bike in the world, but the K1600 is long in the tooth. What could be the best touring bike is far behind in the electronics department. Please, Please update this bike with the glass dash and a stereo that competes with Honda's and Harley's. I am getting tired of waiting. :-(
Ilanit Zadok says...
Posted Thursday, July 30, 2020
very disappointing. no real exciting changes.

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