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BMW MOA Members Save 20% on Telemedicine Service

Friday, February 28, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Ted Moyer, #100360

The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America have secured another member benefit for MOA members - 20% off the annual cost of telemedicine benefits from CareClix. For many patients, telemedicine can bring nearly immediate relief through diagnosis of common ailments and, for some, a prescription being ordered through your local pharmacy faster than if you visited your physician’s office.

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CareClix provides 24/7 on-demand access to board-certified US licensed physicians who consult and diagnose by phone or high definition video call from any device, and if needed, prescribe medication for common and acute illnesses. After calling the CareClix toll free number, a CareClix representative will request your demographics and symptoms. A medical doctor will call you back to conduct the consultation and prescribe as needed. Receive care 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any mobile device.

Why telemedicine from CareClix? In 2019, the average Emergency Room visit cost $3,000 to $5,000. Average primary care visits range from $130 to $190. The average telehealth visit costs about $79 including co-pay and prescriptions! With telemedicine costing less than $40 annually for MOA members, it’s no wonder it’s quickly gaining traction by those who have access to it.

And, not only is telemedicine less expensive than traditional physician visits, the service is faster, offers reduced infection risk and allows greater collaboration with health care professionals. With telemedicine, you do not have to:

  • Wait on the phone to talk with the reservation clerk at your doctor’s office.
  • Wait for the first available appointment that fits your schedule.
  • Wait in the waiting room at the time of your actual appointment.
  • Wait in the exam room for the doctor, following check-in with a nurse or physician’s assistant.
  • Wait for the doctor to return to the exam room with any additional information or prescription form.

Telemedicine reduces the risk of transmitting contagious diseases since you are not sitting in a waiting room or visiting medical professionals in person. And you are not exposed to the infectious diseases of other patients or of health care workers. 

In addition, if you need to bring children with you to your office visit, you may be concerned about exposing those children to the infections of others through touching furniture, books, magazines and even play areas that some physicians’ offices provide to entertain children.

In a recent study, the most common ailment treated in a telemedicine visit was sinusitis. The highest frequency of common ailments was:
• Sinusitis: 20 percent
• Cold/flu/pertussis: 12 percent
• Bladder infection/urinary tract infection: 6 percent
• Respiratory condition: 5 percent
• Eye infection/pink eye/sty: 3 percent
• Skin inflammation/rash/shingles: 3 percent

As you can see, many of these conditions are contagious and could be spread to others during a physician office visit.

CareClix membership is only $49 per year. However, BMW MOA members receive a 15% discount and pay only $41.50 annually for the service. Members may also choose to save an additional 5% by selecting the auto renewal feature and never worry about a missed premium or lapse in coverage. Physician service requires a $25 co-pay, payable by credit card, and any prescription medicine costs.

MOA members can purchase CareClix coverage online. Enter the membership code SAVEME20 to active the discounted pricing for MOA members. Initial enrollment requires a 30 day waiting period before services begin, however no waiting period is necessary for renewals with no lapse in coverage.


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