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Chad Warner: A Man of Passion

Thursday, December 5, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Bill Dragoo, #146081

It’s a rare sight: a man in a tuxedo on Imogene Pass near Telluride, Colorado. Add to that “Mein Schatz” (My Sweetheart), the massive, battered 2009 BMW R1200 GS Adventure beneath him, and the weather. Sleet rains down, mounting peril on the already precarious, snow-laden Jeep road. Laughter and a joyful grin radiate from the man’s face as he expertly coaxes his machine onward, like a Sir Lancelot in silk, wool and a bow tie.

Meet Chad Warner, a man of passion. A third-generation Marine and the sixth Marine in his family, Chad also followed another family tradition, spending years working in the investment and advisor world. He is known today as an accomplished adventure motorcyclist, videographer and friend to many, but in the depth of his bones, he is a humanitarian. Chad won’t talk much about himself, but he will yarn endlessly about the missions he promotes for the good of others. Even the stunt on Imogene Pass was inspired in part by the “Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride,” a worldwide effort to promote men’s health. His previous undertakings are, these days, simply means to an end.

Chad touched those in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Monica, helping Motorrad Angels founder Tom Palmer distribute thousands of solar lights and water purification systems. This project inspired him to create Ride it Forward/Journeys of Hope, an effort designed to bring groups of adventurous riders to some of the world’s most beautiful countries where they partnered with local and international charities to help rebuild orphanages and schools and to bring clean water and other lifestyle assistance to vulnerable communities. Ultimately, his plans are to travel to South Africa, Colombia and other countries in South America to expand Ride it Forward. He dreams big and accomplishes much.

“Domestically,” Chad tells us, “Ride It Forward will offer opportunities across the country for children and young adults to experience motorcycle training and riding at no cost. Ride It Forward will provide these new riders with motorcycles and gear, rider training and help in organizing safe places to ride. The hope is that it sparks new interest in the sport for young people.”

Chad is also known as founder of the Wailin’ Wayne Weekend, an adventure rider rally in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest. His penchant for riding big bikes in bad places led him to the idea, now in its sixth year. Off-road training is provided and trails of three levels of difficulty welcome attendees and provide grist for evening campfire stories.

Chad’s latest passion is his Motorcycle Memories, Stories from the Road project, a video series sponsored by BMW Motorcycle Owners of America in which personalities in the motorcycle community are celebrated for their contributions to the sport, and their second passion, whatever that may be, is also brought to light.

According to the Facebook page, “Motorcycle Memories brings you the stories of everyday motorcyclists doing incredible things. Each one of our guests has a passion for motorcycling, but we'll show you the distinct and diverse passions that set them apart. Their stories will surprise, delight and inspire you.”

Although intended to celebrate certain individuals, the project itself speaks to the kind of human being Chad Warner really is. He is a servant, honoring others and illuminating those whose stories may otherwise be more obscure. In sharing these stories, humble as he is, Chad is building his own living legacy. His way with words, skill with videography and infectious smile move mountains for everyone in his path.

You can see Chad's video series, Motorcycle Memories on the MOA website, Facebook and YouTube.

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