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Emergency Contact Data Added as BMW MOA Member Benefit

Thursday, October 31, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Ted Moyer #100360

The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America is pleased to add another money-saving benefit for members. Emergency Contact Data, a provider of medical information in times of critical care, now offers MOA members 25% off the cost of service by using the promo code BMWMOA.

When you experience a sudden illness or are involved in a crash or other serious incident, medical personnel cannot get your medical records to help save your life. Emergency Contact Data solves this problem by displaying your personal, electronic medical records to first responders and medical personnel - even when you are unconscious.

The Emergency Contact Data Service can display your complete, personal Electronic Medical Record through a secure online platform and mobile app on your phone, including:

  • Medical alerts: rare blood type / medical condition
  • Your medications list
  • Your allergies
  • Recent test results that are critical to your health care
  • All your doctor’s names and their contact information
  • Your X-rays, EKGs, summary reports, etc.
  • Your photo ID and insurance information

After enrolling with Emergency Contact Data, enter your information in your online profile. Emergency Contact Data does not ask for any personal identifiers, does not store credit card data and information is encrypted in transit. In the event of an accident or illness, links on the ECD identification card and keychain tag direct first responders and medical personnel to the Emergency Contact Data website for immediate access to medical records.

Emergency Contact Data has a mobile app which allows medical personnel to have your medical records right at their fingertips. They simply touch the Emergency Contact Data icon and your comprehensive medical records will be displayed on your phone or tablet within five seconds, regardless of internet access. Search for Emergency Contact Data in the Apple Store or Android Play Store to download the free app.


The standard cost for service is $19.95 per year, but BMW MOA members pay only $14.95 per year for this coverage. Members can find more information and enroll online at Be sure to enter the promo code BMWMOA to receive the discounted price.


Frequently Asked Question About ECD Service


What is the cost of enrolling for the services of Emergency Contact Data?

The standard cost is only $19.95 for one year, or $14.95 per year for BMW MOA members. This gives emergency responders access to your emergency contact and medical data in case of emergency, and provides you access to your Profile Center where you can manage your contacts, complete multi-category profile, alerts, appointments, plus additional features. Your membership can be paid with Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express or e-check.


Why should I become a member of Emergency Contact Data?

By providing this critical information you will be ensured of the best care and assistance possible should you or your loved ones need care and assistance and not be able to help yourselves.


What are some the key reasons to become a member of ECD?

Being a Member of can:

  • save your life
  • provide extensive medical information that would be difficult to carry on oneself
  • help save the lives of your loved ones
  • identify a lost loved one (child and senior)
  • help to immediately notify your primary care doctor to gain important medical information and facilitate the forwarding of additional medical records to your destination hospital
  • provide access to vital information from other doctors and important medical specialists.
  • help notify family members in case of an emergency
  • help notify personal contacts that you want informed in case of your emergency
  • immediately show responders your important medical alerts and conditions
  • help responders know your medical conditions, medicines and allergies.


Should I give my member number to my contacts?

It is your option for somebody else to have your member number. ECD will not give it out to anyone. In your membership profile, you will list persons to contact in case of an emergency. If those persons have your member number, they can be sure the medical professionals treating you can immediately have access to your medical information which can save your life.


What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

Change your password within your Profile Center to prevent access to your Medical Profile on the Emergency Contact Data app.


What do I do if my Member Photo ID or Keychain Tag is lost or stolen?

Change your Member ID from within your Profile Center to prevent access and viewing of your medical records within the First Responders portal on the Emergency Contact Data website.


How does EMergency contact data protect against identity theft?

ECD does not ask its members for, nor does it store the most sought-after personal identifiers such as:

  • Specific date of birth (“Year of birth” is required as your age can be important to your medical treatment.)
  • Driver's license number
  • Social Security number
  • Credit card numbers

The primary reason cyber criminals access an online medical account is to steal a person's identity. ECD has eliminated the content that leads to identity theft. ECD also provides the option for members to exclude their physical address from the profile information that First Responders see. This feature is for those that do not wish to divulge this information about themselves and/or their children.


Does ECD have international support for non-U.S. members?

Yes, currently our sign-up forms and all of our Member Profile forms are formatted according the country you select upon becoming a ECD member.

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