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2018 Annual Mileage Contest results announced

Friday, August 2, 2019   (2 Comments)
Posted by: Jim Low #2803
Congratulations to all 2018-19 Annual Mileage Contest participants!

The publishing of these final results marks the end of the MOA 2018-19 mileage contests."Overall, we had 123 annual contest finishers with Florida taking top honors with 149,086 total miles while Texas and California were not too far behind at 145,049 and 132,408 miles, respectively. Texas had the most finishers with ten, while California tallied nine finishers.

The numbers are down a little from last year's 169 annual contest finishers. The primary reason for this is that we are being stricter in allowing each member to enter in only one of the year's mileage contest (summer or annual). The primary reason for this is that we now have monetary prizes (i.e., tires) for the eight winners in each contest. It would not be fair for an individual to win two sets of tires in a year although they probably need them."

Just remember: if you submit a summer contest end form, you will automatically be ruled out of the annual contest. We apologize for any confusion stricter adherence to the rules has caused. We will try to do a better job of highlighting this rule on the 2019 end forms.

With that out of the way, I would like to thank all of this year's annual mileage contest participants and to congratulate this year's annual contest winners. Also, a big thank you to Michelin for providing tires to our winners this year."

Now, let me present the 2018 annual mileage contest winners and their ride stories.

Blaine Paulus Jr. - First Place Male

I am retired and live outside Biglerville, Pennsylvania, near Michaux State Forest. I own a multitude of bikes and put the miles on ‘02 and ‘04 R 1150 GSs, ‘98 and ‘99 F 650s, an ‘04 K 1200 RS, and an ‘82 650 LS. I rarely use a car, and when I do, it is usually to transport motorcycles using my trailer.

In my 48 years of riding, 2018 was my best year, surpassing the prior record I reached in 2017. My personal challenge is to ride at least 10 continuous miles per day, every day, which I have now done for 19 years. That's more than 7,000 days straight. In 2017 I challenged myself to ride 100 miles and in 2018 did so for 336 days. The snow did impact several 100-mile days in 2018.

Some highlights of my year include rides to Daytona in October and in March. In July 2018, six of us headed for Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse, Deadwood, Glacier National Park, Banff and Yoho Canadian National Parks. Then I headed to Fairbanks, the Arctic Circle and Dead Horse. While in Destruction Bay, I logged 1,300,000 total motorcycle miles, including other manufacturers. This was one of the best trips in my riding career.

In August, with my youngest son Ethan and his fiancée Vittoria, along with Dean Bear, we rode the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP). We rode up Grandfather mountain, stopped at the Wheels Through Time, rode the Cherohala, and, of course, "The Dragon" before heading to Barber Vintage Museum. The way back home was along the BRP again, an "End2Ender" both ways.

In September, Dave Hand, Jim Howell, Van Singley, and I paralleled the "Cannonball Run" route before Jim and I headed back home after reaching Deadwood, South Dakota. Finally, last October seven of us rode a meandering trip to Snowshoe, West Virginia.

I would like to thank Velocity BMW in Mechanicsburg, and Toy Tech in Grantville, Pennsylvania, as well as BMW MOA for hosting the contest and Jim Low for running the contest. Special thanks to Michelin for their donation of a set of tires.

Dorothy L. Gulla - First Place Female

I live in Fort Myers, Florida, and am currently riding a 2018 S 1000 XR. Over the years, I've owned a 2013 BMW S 1000 RR, 2016 S 1000 RR, Triumph 675 Daytona, Ducati 848, and a Kawasaki ZZR600. My dream bike is the 2020 BMW S 1000 RR.

I've been riding for 10 years and growing up in an Italian household, I never expected to be riding a motorcycle! Initially, my only experience was riding as a passenger, which I found very boring, and I often fell asleep.

One day I decided to try out the "rider's" seat. WOW, a light overcame me! I felt in control and had a sparkle in my eyes. Needless to say, I was hooked!

My love with BMW's S 1000 RR began in June 2013 when I walked into a MAX BMW dealership in Brookfield, Connecticut. The moment I laid eyes on the red/blue/white S 1000 RR, I knew it was going home with me and luckily, MAX had one available. I rode off with a big smile on my face!

In June of 2016 and living in Fort Myers, Florida, I connected with new friends and joined a few motorcycle groups/clubs. One of my friends convinced me to join her and her boyfriend and ride from Fort Myers to Hamburg, New York, for the 2016 BMW MOA International Rally. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous since this would be my first long-distance motorcycle journey.

However, before departing, I realized that my calendar had a few other adventures coming up in the fall. I decided another motorcycle was in my future, so on June 30, 2016, I purchased my 2016 S 1000 RR (red and white) from Gulf Coast Motorcycles in Fort Myers!

I have traveled extensively since the 2016 BMW MOA International Rally on my two RRs with one of my favorite ride destinations being the AMERICADE Rally in Lake George, New York. I rode solo from Florida to meet some friends at the rally in 2017, riding solo from Florida. My intention was to return in 2018; however, due to a motorcycle accident on May 25, 2018, my plans had to be altered. While on a women's motorcycle tour I was rear-ended by another woman rider which threw me off my 2016 RR. I was hospitalized with serious injuries, but thankfully, my gear saved my life. Sadly, my faithful traveling companion just shy of 50,000 miles was totaled. This broke my heart.

My plan was to get on the healing path and back to riding as soon as possible. In the interim, I traded my 2013 RR for a 2018 S 1000 XR.

On July 6, 2018, I set out for another journey on my 2018 S 1000 XR. This included stops in West Gap, Virginia; Little Switzerland, North Carolina; Johnson City, Tennessee; and Charlotte, North Carolina. From there, I set out for the BMW RA Rally in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania….and then the return trip to Fort Myers.

Last fall, I rode to visit my family and friends in New Rochelle, New York, then on to North Carolina, New Jersey, the Catskills in New York, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Syracuse, New York, and then it was back to Fort Myers.

I enjoy all types of riding including to destinations, as well as loops to explore new roads and the countryside. Solo motorcycle traveling is a joy for me though I also travel with friends and various motorcycle groups/clubs.

I am looking forward to my dream bike, a 2020 S 1000 RR!

I like to ride because I want to live in the moment, experience freedom, and be my true self, knowing that I CAN do whatever I set my heart upon. The result: Pure Bliss!!

James Rostron - Second Place Male

I love my 2015 R 1200 RT so much that I tend to get a little cranky if I go more than a day or two without riding it. Some people might say I am addicted, and maybe I am, but I know I love riding.

I started riding in 1974 on a Suzuki 380. A year later I was on a Triumph 650 and after that a 72 Norton Commando Combat. Being young and foolish, I couldn't leave well enough alone, so the Norton got low bars and bright orange paint with flames on an interstate tank. T.C. Christensen of Norton drag racing fame did the heads, and I installed a full race cam. The bike was fast and pretty. The trouble was I had to spend an afternoon adjusting valves every third weekend it seemed. So, after a couple years on the Norton I bought a used Moto Guzzi 850t-3.

That was a really good bike which allowed me to go further from home, and I was riding A LOT more often. But then, my best friend Joe bought an R 10 0S. He was influenced to buy the Beemer by his dad who rode as a young man growing up in Germany. Once Joe let me take it for a ride, the Guzzi was for sale.

I bought my first BMW from Mike Abt's dad of Chicago BMW motorcycle fame. It was a new smoke green 1981 RT, a beautiful bike, a great bike.

Joe and I were involved in a motorcycle accident on September 22, 1985. Joe hit the side of the car that hit me and died on the scene. I kept in touch with the Schedl family after losing Joe and got very close to his mother who became like a second mother to me. When BMW would come out with a new model, Mike Abt would let me take it to show Joe's dad. I took a 2007 K 1200 GT to show Joe's dad, and before I pulled away I asked him if he thought I should buy one. In his German accent he told me "Yes, Jim, I think you should." Sadly, those were his last words to me as he died a few short days later.

With his passing, I started helping Joe's mom around the house doing the things Mr. Schedl would have been doing. Six years ago, she got sick and Joe's sister Ann asked me to go with her when the doc suggested taking her off of oxygen. With her passing I continued helping around the house for Ann. Though Ann herself was a breast cancer survivor, her cancer came back with a vengeance, and I lost her also last March. While I have no connection to the Schedl family anymore, I do have many fond memories.

I am now riding my seventh BMW now and passed the 800,000-mile mark while on my annual winter trip this past March. In 2018 I rode for fun, 55,000 sMiles (sorry Voni) worth. This year I ride in memory to the Schedl family. When I reach one million BMW sMiles, I will dedicate it in their memory.

With the quality of BMW bikes and my love of riding, I believe I'll reach that milestone in about four years.

Colleen Sepulveda - Second Place Female

Riding everyday has become part of my life, and I ride both for local errands and for the pleasure riding I do through the redwoods and along the California Coast near my home.

I am also a motorcycle instructor, a Quality Assurance Specialist and instructor trainer for the California Motorcyclist Safety Program. Additionally, I teach advanced riding courses and three-wheel courses, so I'll always ride to my distant work sites.

While those trips count for some of my miles on my motorcycle, I also take several long-distance rides every year. Last year I rode from California to the BMW International Rally in Des Moines as well as the 3 Flags Classic from Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, to Calgary, Canada. My 2016 R 1200 GS takes me everywhere I need to go with enough room to pack a computer and lots of curriculum materials. Off-road training and track days are part of my bike's versatility.

I feel fortunate to live a motorcycle-centric life, and California weather makes riding even easier year-round. I really enjoy helping other riders become safer and more confident on their machines. It feels good to give back to our riding community.

John Katics - Third Place Male

I live in Simi Valley, California, where the weather permits me to ride all year, except for rain days, which are few. At 75, I don't think of myself as retired. I'm just at that sweet spot where I don't have to work for money.

I have a 2009 R 1200 GS Adventure and a 2015 R 1200 RTLC. I almost never drive my car as I shop and do nearly everything on the motorcycles.

I've had various two-wheel motorized vehicles over the years beginning with a Vespa. My first BMW was a 2000 R 1100 R. An impressive bike, I sold it at 200,000 miles because it would just not wear out. I am now at nearly 500,000 miles on BMWs.

Last year, was a good riding year, but my lifetime high was 78,900 miles back when the economy crashed. There was no annual contest then, but it might be the year I was second or third in the summer contest.

Most of my riding has been alone, but I do a fair amount with friends. A day without riding makes me feel like the fun part of the day is lacking.

Sandra Sander - Third place female

Riding during the 2018-19 Annual MOA mileage contest wasn't a normal year for me, so it was a great surprise to finish in third place. Thank you to the MOA for connecting riders through this friendly competition and to Michelin for sponsoring tire prizes as well.

My only bike is a 2017 F 700 GS that I love and ride year 'round as much as possible. I live and work in the Leigh Valley of Pennsylvania where 2018's spring and summer were rainy, rainy, rainy, making riding frustrating and challenging. Daily commuting is fun, and while most of the time it's along the same route, the traffic and weather can vary quite a bit, so it's really not so boring. My commuting distance is nearly 50 miles each way and includes crossing the mountains where the Leigh River and Appalachian Trail intersect, and the weather can vary quite a bit. I figure if it rains during the day while I'm at work it's no problem. Going home in lousy weather isn't too bad either since I am able to enjoy my ride.

This year I decided to see how I did with the annual contest, as last year the winter was pretty decent. Best laid plans didn't quite turn out, as winter was a repeat of spring and summer, with either too much precipitation to ride or nighttime temperatures dipping too low to allow for pavement that I was confident didn't have black ice or frozen run-off in the few spots where it occurs. Since I leave pretty early and return in darkness during later fall and winter, I've learned to choose when to ride so I can ride another day. I also had a parent that was ill in Connecticut so my priorities shifted for about eight months last year.

Although I'm mostly a solo rider, I've greatly appreciated the chance to ride with some very experienced riders during the last year, traveling to new places and learning some off-road basics.

Rick Kallmayer - Average Male

I was surprised when I opened an email from Jim Low informing me that I was the Average Rider in the 2018-19 Annual Mileage Contest.

This has to be the ultimate Pure Luck Award, granted to a mileage contest entrant as a result of a calculation applied to an unpredictable number of contest entrants, all of whom rode an unpredictable number of miles last year on their bikes.

I am excited for the other entrants because I had a fantastic riding year, and if my year was average, then a lot of you must have had a super year too! In 2018 my big rides included touring Alaska on a rented R 1200 GS, riding from my home near Fort Worth, Texas, out to West Virginia on my 2016 R 1200 RT, and completing the Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route on my 2007 G 650 X Challenge.

I enjoyed the companionship of members of the BMWDFW club, MOA #26, on those rides along with many dozens of local rides during the year. I also enjoyed riding my 1984 R 80 RT and giving my great nieces rides on my 1981 R 100 RS/EML sidecar rig.

I started riding BMWs in 1979 and passed the 400,000 mile mark in 2018, so this year really was an above average year for me!

Karen Ager - Average Female

This is great! I never expected to be "Average" and to be truthful, this year has been anything but average. "Highly Unusual" would be a more accurate phrase.

Originally, my husband, Philip and I were planning on spending the summer of 2018 riding to, around and home from Alaska. Instead, on May 1, 2018, we "accidentally" bought a house in Huntsville, Alabama, and suddenly, there wasn't enough time or money to make the Alaska trip. We spent much of the summer accumulating many miles between Maryland and Alabama, and sadly, most were in a rented U-Haul truck on I-81. Our bike mileage ended up significantly less than we had originally planned for the year, but we have a new house. Most of my miles this year were obtained going to nearby rallies and attending a Ride-To-Eat or two, no big trips.

Starting last April, Philip and I attended the MOA Getaway in Fontana, North Carolina, and then travelled back to Maryland by way of Alabama, where our "happy house accident" got started.

Other events during the year included motorcycle training and a track day with Ken Condon in Massachusetts and Connecticut, along with a crash on the way home from "safety" training, the Great Chicken Rally in Dunlap, Tennessee on Memorial Day weekend, the Square Route Rally in Thurmont, Maryland, in June, the BMW Riders Association Rally in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, where we ate at the famous Wellsboro Diner and rode part of the Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route and the Finger Lakes Rally in Watkins Glen, New York (one of my favorite rallies).

In October, my father moved in with us, which curtailed our bike trips even more. His balance isn't good enough to have him ride pillion, so we are usually a threesome in the car.

I started riding in 2007 on an old Yamaha Virago 535 that I found on Craig's List. I didn't bond well with my first BMW, an F 800 ST, and now I ride an F 650 GS (Babe, the Blue Ox) that I bought new in 2009. She has 150,000 miles and is still going strong. I did ride a 2005 F 650 CS for five weeks while Babe was in the shop after my run-in (literally) with a New York cabbie and a Cadillac limo in Manhattan. Though my bike absorbed most of the impact and was almost totaled, Morton's BMW managed to fix her up.

Alaska is currently in the works for 2020. Perhaps I'll be above average by then. But then again, as long as I'm riding, average is good enough.

See you on the sweepers.

Full Results

  • ALABAMA - 3 Finishers
    • Philip Ager, 2014 K1600GT; 11,310 miles
    • Karen Ager, 2009 F650GS; 9,423 miles
    • John Zeiler, 2005 K1200LT; 5,270 miles
  • ARIZONA - 8 Finishers
    • Deryle Mehrten, 2008 K1200GT; 21,473 miles
    • Michael Shaffer, 2017 R1200GSA; 18,579 miles
    • Ray Blecker, 2015 R1200GS; 9,317 miles
    • Hal Korff, 2010 F800GS; 7,682 miles
    • Craig Littlefield, 2014 S1000R; 5,666 miles
    • Jodi Koller-Smee, 2009 F650GS; 5,428 miles
    • Lance Boone, 2017 R1200GSA; 5,254 miles
    • Jeff Dean, 2017 R1200RT; 2,707 miles
  • CALIFORNIA - 9 Finishers
    • John Katics, 2009 R1200GSA; 35,479 miles
    • Trey Nicoud, 2018 R1200RT white; 28,129 miles
    • Colleen Sepulveda, 2016 R1200GSW; 22,196 miles
    • David R Swift, 2014 R1200GSW; 13,853 miles
    • Peter Perrin, 2016 K1600GT; 13,236 miles
    • Joseph Biczo, 2016 K1600GTL; 8,889 miles
    • Charles Setter, 2017 R1200GSA; 5,545 miles
    • Charlene McLauchlan, 2016 F800R; 2,541 miles
    • Matthew Maclean, 2015 R1200GSA; 2,540 miles
  • COLORADO - 8 Finishers
    • Dean Mickelson, 2009 R1200GSA; 30,162 miles
    • John Hamilton, 2016 C650GT; 22,174 miles
    • Roman Soshin, 2013 R1200RT; 15,620 miles
    • Brett Leeman, 2013 F700GS; 7,032 miles
    • Splinter Wrenn, 2005 R1200GS; 6,914 miles
    • Robin Leeman, 2009 R1200GSA; 5,430 miles
    • Jeffrey del Castillo, 2012 F800GS; 3,606 miles
    • Mark Zimmer, 2012 K1600GT; 3,579 miles
  • FLORIDA - 7 Finishers
    • Dorothy Gulla, 2018 S1000XR; 34,070 miles
    • Steve Ladd, 2018 R1200GSA; 29,919 miles
    • Wayne Doherty, 2005 R1150RT; 26,604 miles
    • Wm. Dan Andrews, 2015 R1200GS; 23,703 miles
    • Mike Ripper, 2015 K1600GTLE; 14,857 miles
    • Shep Brown, 2004 R1150RT; 13,882 miles
    • James Hodgson III, 2005 R1200RT; 6,051 miles
  • GEORGIA - 4 Finishers
    • Boerge Deist, 2018 K1600GT; 13,152 miles
    • James Greer, 2011 R1200RT; 11,829 miles
    • Dwight Johnson, 2015 K1600GTL; 8,969 miles
    • Jimmy Williamson, 2015 R1200GS; 2,038 miles
  • HAWAII - 1 Finisher
    • Robert Kover, 2009 G650GS; 3,546 miles
  • IDAHO - 2 Finishers
    • Rich Stetz, 2008 K1200GT; 8,064 miles
    • Charles Scheer, 2009 R1200RT; 4,596 miles
  • ILLINOIS - 2 Finishers
    • James Rostron, 2015 R1200RTL; 52,741 miles
    • Gary Herberger, 2007 K1200GT; total ,840, miles
  • INDIANA - 1 Finisher
    • Nicholas Schmutte, 2016 K1600GTL; 5,506 miles
  • KENTUCKY - 1 Finisher
    • Daryl Casey, 2011 R1200RT; 1,783 miles
  • LOUISIANA - 3 Finishers
    • Thomas Zeringue, 2012 K1600GTL; 9,812 miles
    • Michael Borchers, 2013 F800GT; 6,835 miles
    • Ken O'Malley, 2015 F700GS; 4,552 miles
  • MARYLAND - 3 Finishers
    • Bill Carney, 2015 K1600GTL; 17,826 miles
    • Mark Perkins, 2014 R1200GS; 14,424 miles
    • Jeff Ford, 2017 K1600GT; 2,880 miles
  • MASSACHUSETTS - 1 Finisher
    • Mike Versage, 2010 R1200GS; 7,696 miles
  • MICHIGAN - 4 Finishers
    • Ethan Powsner, 2007 F800ST; 9,188 miles
    • Scott Auer, 2013 R1200RT; 8,690 miles
    • Wayne Koppa, 2013 G650GS; 4,170 miles
    • Mark Barteau, 2016 R1200RS; 3,451 miles
  • MISSISSIPPI - 1 Finisher
    • Ian Fergusson, 2013 K1600GT; 22,199 miles
  • MISSOURI - 4 Finishers
    • Bob Rippy, 2014 R1200RT; 14,789 miles
    • Fred Niblock, 2013 K1600GTL; 6,919 miles
    • Terry Collins, 2009 R1200RT; 4,606 miles
    • Steve Kronberger, 2009 R1200RT; 2,783 miles
  • NEBRASKA - 2 Finishers
    • Roger Heusinkveld, 2018 K1600B; 8,114 miles
    • Rick Harvey, 2014 R1200GSA; 5,779 miles
  • NEVADA - 2 Finishers
    • Larie Trippet, 2014 R1200GSA; 16,335 miles
    • Bill Lassaline, 2016 R1200RT; 10,750 miles
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE - 1 Finisher
    • Andy Travnicek, 2015 R1200GSA; 4,959 miles
  • NEW JERSEY - 2 Finishers
    • Moshe Levy, 2015 R1200RT; 13,071 miles
    • Robert Rogers, 2010 R1200GS; 8,087 miles
  • NEW MEXICO - 2 Finishers
    • Jeffrey Kramer, 2009 R1200RT; 9,743 miles
    • Nathan Kramer, 2004 R1150R Rxtr; 6,568 miles
  • NEW YORK - 1 Finisher
    • Kathryn Connell, 1974 R75/6; 3,277 miles
  • NORTH CAROLINA - 4 Finishers
    • Stephen Dollar, 2016 R1200RS; 30,800 miles
    • Robert S O'Neill, 2014 R1200RT; 25,463 miles
    • Earl Black, 2016 R1200GS; 8,284 miles
    • Henry R Lowe, 2015 R1200GSA; 4,121 miles
  • OKLAHOMA - 3 Finishers
    • Thomas Burull, 2017 R1200RT; 15,282 miles
    • Dwight Olson, 2012 K1600GTL; 11,025 miles
    • Ghent Hopkins, 2018 K1600GTL; 3,294 miles
  • OREGON - 2 Finishers
    • Craig Porter, 2012 R1200R; 9,387 miles
    • Jim Breen, 2010 R1200RT; 5,205 miles
  • PENNSYLVANIA - 8 Finishers
    • Blaine Paulus Jr, 2002 R1150GS; 61,552 miles
    • Sandra Sander, 2017 F700GS; 16,849 miles
    • Steve Williams, 2005 R1200GS; 9,755 miles
    • Robert Dantinne, 2015 R1200RT; 8,872 miles
    • Erin Hoxie, 2002 R1150R; 7,462 miles
    • Joe Babkowski, 2013 R1200RT; 5,678 miles
    • David Henricks, 2009 R1200GS; 5,663 miles
    • Gregory Zambano, 2001 F650GS; 2,675 miles
  • SOUTH CAROLINA - 2 Finishers
    • Jerry Barron, 2011 R1200RT; 16,985 miles
    • Charles Fridy, 2014 R1200RT; 9,333 miles
  • TENNESSEE - 4 Finishers
    • David Kropp, 2006 K1200LT; 20,639 miles
    • David Bonner, 2010 R1200GSA; 10,355 miles
    • Kenneth Martin, 2011 R1200RT; 10,262 miles
    • Karl Mace, 1982 K75; 1,804 miles
  • TEXAS - 10 Finishers
    • Dave Schani, 2014 R1200GS; 27,684 miles
    • Mike Valentin, 2016 R1200RT; 27,612 miles
    • Mike McCrary, 2017 R1200GS Rallye; 21,475 miles
    • Stephen Slisz, 2012 R1200RT; 19,452 miles
    • Joe Lyle, 1996 R1100RS; 15,448 miles
    • Rick Kallmayer, 2016 R1200RTW; 11,534 miles
    • Kelly Clark, 2016 R1200RS; 9,505 miles
    • Joel Baumwart, 2016 R1200RS; 7,108 miles
    • Melvin Wieck, 1987 K75C; 3,892 miles
    • Don Mills, 2016 S1000XR; 1,339 miles
  • UTAH - 2 Finishers
    • Steve Barnhill, 2017 R1200GSA; 8,960 miles
    • Rich Dolan, 2004 R1150RT; 4,674 miles
  • VERMONT - 2 Finishers
    • Ed Demler, 2014 R1200GS; 16,960 miles
    • Grace Demler, 2016 S1000XR; 16,036 miles
  • VIRGINIA - 3 Finishers
    • Dean Sherick, 2014 R1200RT; 26,084 miles
    • Richard Peebles, 1998 R1100RT; 7,980 miles
    • Tim F. Jost Tolson, 2005 R1200RT; 2,874 miles
  • WASHINGTON - 2 Finishers
    • Roy Barnes, 2009 F650GS; 15,572 miles
    • John M Harman, 2013 R1200GSA; 12,239 miles
  • WISCONSIN - 6 Finishers
    • Steven Lemke, 2002 R1150RT; 5,562 miles
    • Gregory Orr, 1999 R1100RT; 5,001 miles
    • Todd VanZeeland, 2014 K1600GTL; 2,419 miles
    • Jeffrey Severson, 2012 K1600GT; 1,533 miles
    • Kathleen VanZeeland, 2016 R1200RT; 1,132 miles
    • Tom Schirz, 2014 K1600GT; total ,599, miles
    • Reto Camenisch, 2000 R1150GS; 13,582 miles
  • CANADA - ONTARIO - 1 Finisher
    • Amy Phinney, 2017 F700GS; 4,953 miles
  • SWITZERLAND - 1 Finisher
    • Scott Miller, 2016 R1200RT; 17,621 miles


Mike Bowler says...
Posted Thursday, August 15, 2019
How about if we stop dividing the finishers into male/female categories and just report on results by mile?
Jim Thompson says...
Posted Monday, August 5, 2019
Reading all these enthusiastic comments makes me want to ride more on my 2003 R1200CLC

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