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Team USA Maintains Hold on Second Place

Saturday, June 9, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Shawn Thomas, 91122




Team USA enjoyed another fantastic day of riding, which took them through sand laden deserts and green, rocky mountain ranges. The 140 mile day was comprised of mostly dirt, and plenty of relaxed and fun interaction with the locals. “The people are what make this adventure so special,” says team member Tom Thompson. “All the cultures involved in the Trophy, but most of all the Mongolians themselves. Great people!”

Riding alongside Team France, the groups enjoyed their first challenge - a slow race. Teams were scored based on their ability to enter, ride and exit a prescribed path as slowly as possible, without putting a foot down or tipping over. Team USA ended with a spectacular time, but was far outshined by Team France, who entered the course, then stopped their bikes and balanced off one another! In doing so, Team France managed to stay in the course for several minutes, far longer than any other team! Team USA came in second place in this event, a very admirable achievement considering the quality of other teams.

The second challenge involved riding two-up through a ribbons course, while carrying two containers filled with fluid. Each team was tasked with riding three laps, with every member piloting the bike at least once. Team USA ran a great time, losing points only when dropping one of the liquid containers. Team France again won the event, taking top marks for the day against all other teams.

Finally, the photo contest - where people at home were allowed to vote for their favorite photo - ended with Team USA in 5th place with 1,853 votes. Team South Africa - the winner of the first photo contest - took the gold with over 15,000 votes!

Tomorrow is the final day of the GS Trophy competition. There will be a single event, with a possible score of 75 points. This is still anyone’s game, so stay tuned!

Current Standings

1. South Africa: 278
2. USA: 235
3. France: 209
4. Latin America: 201
5. Mexico: 200
6. Korea: 182
7. United Kingdom: 166
8. Russia: 162
9. Germany: 160
10. Argentina: 141
11. Southeast Asia: 131
12. Australia: 128
13. AusAmerica (Women’s Team): 122
14. Canada: 119
15. China: 117
16. EurAfrica (Women’s Team): 110
16. Japan: 110
18. India: 98

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