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Team USA Climbs to Second Place

Friday, June 8, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Shawn Thomas, 91122


It was a decidedly unusual day of riding for the teams today, as the prescribed routes were delayed, cancelled and diverted. This was due to an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease among local animals, a serious and fatal illness that is becoming an epidemic in Mongolia. Many regions of the country have suffered outbreaks, as evidenced by an unusually high amount of dead livestock along the roadsides.

To prevent spread of the illness, country officials have restricted travel to unaffected regions by those who have recently been in areas containing the epidemic. This included the GS Trophy convoy, which has been in and out of these regions throughout the competition.

What had been planned as a 200 mile off-road trek turned into 150 miles of mostly asphalt, with two of the special stages cancelled due to lack of access. To overcome this, facilitators created an impromptu ribbons course in a grove of trees. The goal was for each team member to ride the course separately, but to enter, ride and exit the course at the same time (if the first team member ran the course in 1:30, then the other two team members would try and complete the course as close to 1:30 as possible). Team USA did an outstanding job and tied for 1st place with the AusAmerica Women’s team!

Another challenge involved archery. Each member of the team (including the journalist) were allowed 2 shots at a target, for a total of 8 arrows. Team USA finished mid-pack at this, but combined with their stage one win - which counted for double-points - were elevated to 2nd place behind South Africa! Congratulations Team USA!!!

Two more stages to go, stay tuned!

1 South Africa: 239
2 USA: 194
3 Mexico: 162
4 Latin America: 154
5 France: 149
6 United Kingdom: 147
7 Korea: 142
8 Russia: 142
9 Germany: 134
10 Argentina: 117
11 AusAmerica (Women’s team): 110
12 Australia: 106
13 Canada: 105
14 Southeast Asia: 105
15 Japan: 90
16 EurAfrica (Women’s team): 84
17 China: 79
18 India: 78

Enjoy the slideshow from day six 

GS Trophy Day 6


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