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Four Candidates vie for three Board positions

Friday, March 30, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Reece Mullins #143779

For the 2018 election, we have three BMW MOA Board Director positions open for election. Four MOA members, including two incumbents have submitted biographies and photographs to be published in this month’s Owners News.

Each elected candidate will be seated on the board as an MOA Director during the executive board meeting on Wednesday, July 11 at the BMW MOA International Rally in Des Moines, Iowa. The three newly elected Board members will serve on the board for three years. Board officer elections for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will occur at that board meeting in Des Moines after the new board members have been seated as Directors.

As in past elections, during the month of April a special election forum will be available for MOA members to interact with the candidates running for election. The election forum will be available by accessing the MOA Forum’s Clubhouse section of the MOA website.

I would like to personally thank Kurt Schrader, BMW MOA Forum Liaison, and Steve Henson, Forum Administrator, and all the forum moderators for their hard work and effort in creating, monitoring and moderating the election forum pages.

After thoughtfully considering your choices for Director, properly fill out your ballot and place it in the mailbox, no need for a stamp (some postage may be necessary for international members). All ballots must be postmarked before April 30 and received by May 10, 2018, to be counted.

The MOA Board of Directors would like to thank our volunteers who comprise the Election Committee and who have worked diligently to bring forth qualified and motivated members to the board, ensuring the healthy future of this great organization. Thank you Tom Buttars, Don Hamblin and Muriel Farrington. Your service to the organization, like so many of our volunteers, is exemplary.



I believe you must live a life worth writing about and for me, riding my BMW motorcycle makes that possible. Before I became a writer, an educator, and consultant for universities and school districts, I worked in the world of research and wild animal training in the motion picture industry for many years as a stuntman and wild animal trainer. Among my many screen credits, I am most proud of being the trainer of Clyde in the Clint Eastwood movie, Any Which Way You Can.

I hold advanced degrees in anthropology, instructional technology and education. I live and write in the San Bernardino Mountains with my wife Tammy. When not writing and lecturing, I love to ride my BMW adventure motorcycles (R 1200 GSA and F 800 GSA) with my wife (she rides an F 800 GS) down the Baja peninsula to beaches and bays without names.

I began riding when I was ten years old and rode to the Guatemalan border when I was seventeen; I have continued my love affair with BMW bikes ever since. Besides being a member of the MOA for several years, I am an active member of the GS Giants and several other BMW MOA charter clubs in SoCal and have served as the BMW MOA regional coordinator for SoCal for the last four years. I am a regular contributor to the BMW MOA Owners News magazine and have presented at workshops and seminars on motorcycle camping and riding in Mexico at various clubs, regional events and the international rally.

If elected, I will work diligently to attract more new BMW riders to the club and strive to provide benefits and an atmosphere that will keep our existing members by making sure the organization is as inclusive as possible to all models of BMW bikes and styles of riding.

More about my adventures can be found on my blog at


Many of you may already know me as your BMW MOA President, but for those who may not, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wes Fitzer, and I am a candidate for reelection as one of nine elected directors of the MOA Board.

In the past four years, I have served as both your President and Treasurer. With degrees in both Accounting and Business Management, I have worked very hard during these last four years to place the MOA in a more secure financial position, ensuring a healthy and vibrant future for this organization that means so much to my family and me.

Over the years, my career as an FBI Agent has placed me in numerous situations that, like many in law enforcement jobs, may have caused me to develop a calloused viewpoint towards my community, even at times my nation. Being an MOA member has shown me a community of diverse people of all walks of society from many countries who have served to chip away at my tainted view and have reawakened my faith in the human condition, showing me how kind and understanding people can be. Being around other MOA members at rallies and events and riding motorcycles has proven for me, as I suspect it has for many reading this, to be very cathartic and healing. This motorcycle club makes me a better person, and that is the primary reason that motivates me to continue to contribute my time and energy to make this club, that I care for so dearly, that much better.

During my tenure as a board member and officer, there have been many difficult decisions to make. Maintaining our fiduciary obligation to the membership and ensuring this great club remains vibrant and relevant for generations to come has been the key and overriding consideration in all my votes, arguments and decisions while serving on the board, no matter how potentially unpopular that decision may have been to make. I am excited about many of the decisions we have recently made as a leadership team of directors and staff, and I am confident that these policies will serve our membership now, and in the future.

Making our organization leaner, more flexible and dynamic are goals that have been implemented in many of our structural organizational changes, resulting in many successful changes that have directly benefited our membership. Our Getaway events, Adventure Series sponsorships and recruiting initiatives serve as an excellent example of this. Our staff and trained volunteers have demonstrated their ability to organize, promote and run these events, often simultaneously across the nation, all without incident, always providing a high-quality product to our members and potential new members. Many of these initiatives have served to increase our membership base, strengthening the club's ability to provide a greater product to each member and enhance their club experience.

As a candidate this year, I would consider it an honor that you would cast your vote in my favor.


I am a life-time MOA member who has ridden around 450,000 miles on BMWs since 1987. I have three grown children who grew up riding pillion with me to all corners of this country. I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend and riding partner, Tom Van Horn. I am a long-distance rider. My longest ride was in 2007 when I rode alone to all 48 contiguous states in two weeks.

I have been very active at the local and national levels within the BMW motorcycle community. Locally, I have chaired the Wisconsin Dells Rally several times, served on the boards of the Wisconsin Club and Madison Club. At the state level, I was also a member of Wisconsin’s Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee. I belong to several chartered clubs including the GS Giants, the Knights of the Roundel, the Madison Club and the Wisconsin Club.

I’ve also served the MOA in several capacities over the past 30 years. I am an Ambassador currently serving as the Ambassador Liaison; I have chaired four International Rallies: Midland, Michigan, in 2000; Lima, Ohio, in 2005; West Bend, Wisconsin, in 2007; and Billings, Montana, in 2015. I have also served on the MOA Board of Directors for several terms in the past.

So, you might be wondering why I want to be on the Board again. I would like to serve as a Director for the next three years because I believe the BMW MOA is a dynamic, exciting organization, led by bright, enthusiastic volunteers, and volunteers are the backbone of this club. I’d like to see the MOA become more involved using Social Media. Like it or not, social media impacts the club, and we should be using it to our advantage. Also, I would like to see more open lines of communication and transparency between the board and the membership. With my knowledge of the history of this club and my passion for the future, I think I would be an asset to our club and the Board of Directors.

I am now, and always have been, totally committed to the future of the BMW MOA. Peter Egan once wrote, “My favorite roads start at the end of my driveway.” That’s how I feel, too.

See you in Des Moines!


It is with a profound sense of honor that I have spent the last year as a member of the MOA Board of Directors. So much so that I would like the opportunity to represent you as an MOA member again, but only with your vote for my re-election.

I have worked hard this past year to do everything I could to help grow the MOA and have it become a more successful organization for everyone. I hope I have been able to bring value and a voice to those who felt they had no voice within the MOA.

Riding is an absolute passion of mine. For nearly 40 years, riding has been a part of my life. I have found such a sense of community with the BMW members who I have met over the years. The experiences and adventures we have shared have developed into friendships that will last a lifetime.

In running for re-election, I hope that I can continue to represent and help grow the many different riding diversities that make up the MOA membership and encourage more people to experience their own type of riding adventures.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude for your vote, Semper-Fi.

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