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Summer 2016 mileage contest results announced

Tuesday, March 28, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Steve Brunner #84292

Change is good. Change is to be feared. You can’t have progress without change. The only thing that remains constant is change. Enough about change.


As you know, the MOA Mileage Contest changed last year, with participants choosing one of three contests to enter: Summer, Winter or Annual Mileage Contest. Just like the restaurant offering a dinner menu allowing you to choose one of the three available items, our contests give you a similar option to choose the contest that best fits your riding style.

If you look through the list of Summer Finishers and don’t see your name and are sure you sent in a Start Form, well, next month send in the End Form, and magically you’ll have entered the Annual Contest.

One thousand, six hundred and nine members sent in their Summer/Annual Start Forms and 927 Summer End Forms were received. After deciding who is to receive Mileage Contest pins, I’ll begin working on the Winter Contest start forms.

Wisconsin again is the state with the most participants in the Summer Contest with 93 finishers. Only time will tell if Wisconsin will maintain that title for the Annual and Winter Contests. Minnesota leapfrogged Pennsylvania for second place with 79 participants compared with Pennsylvania’s 77. As for club participation, the BMW MOC of Minnesota rounded up 65 finishers to dethrone longtime champions MAC-PAC of Pennsylvania who had 36 finishers. BMW MC of Indianapolis earned a bronze medal with 30 finishers.

It seems that each year we all fill out our forms and send them in. Later, when it’s time to send in the End Form, we hesitate and say, “Nah, didn’t ride as much as I wanted to. I’ll do better next year and will send in the end form then.”

As I’ve already mentioned, if you don’t see your name listed among the finishers, you could still be one of the 682 who could enter the Annual Contest. Your bragging rights could be that you were among the finishers in the first MOA Annual Mileage Contest. Please, fill out your end forms and send them in.

Regardless of which contest you enter, please help me by filling out the forms legibly. The End Forms that have your tally on the side are also much appreciated. Notes concerning your change of address are also appreciated, and I have moved more than one member a few states over through my fat finger syndrome, Mailing labels are a great way to enter your information. Entering the same MOA # on the start and end forms is also a plus.

As an example, if John Smith MOA #1234 sent in his start form, but entered MOA #11234 in his end form, he would not be counted, as his record would not be complete. If you’re unsure of your member number, a simple way to find it is to look at the mailing label on your BMW Owners News each month.

Other issues I experience each year include members sending forms without odometer readings, including updated mileage numbers when a new bike is added midyear, or recording the mileage of a BMW motorcycle you rent. Remember, all of these miles count! Looking forward, let 2017 be the year you enter…and finish!

See you on the road.




1st Place - Female - Heidi Still #39115

Wow! What a great surprise to hear I placed in the top spot.

Last year, I limped along with my aging fleet, one with more than 100,000 miles and with the other two quickly catching up. Mamba Motorsports in Santa Clarita, California, did an awesome job fixing them when they broke and providing top-notch service.

Right now I have more than 900,000 BMW miles and am quickly closing in on one million. Living where I do, I’m lucky to be able to ride all year, with many of my miles accumulated as I rack up 42 miles a day commuting to work.

To escape the summer heat, I’ll head to the hills of California and northern Arizona almost every weekend. I also continue to enjoy Iron Butt Association rides where I’ll ride 1,000 miles in 24 hours or less. Riding southern Arizona in the summer is great, as the motels are cheap and there are no crowds. We also enjoy exploring back roads near Safford, Bisbee, Tombstone and Sierra Vista, Arizona, on long weekends.

Last September, a friend and I had a fantastic ride exploring the canyon lands of Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. It was two weeks of awesome riding and hiking. Additionally, just before the contest ended, I headed to Arkansas to attend an event for folks who are either full-time RVers or are thinking about it, to prepare for my rapidly approaching retirement. I have a truck and toy hauler now and in a few months will put in my retirement paperwork so I can really start riding.

I hope to see you all in Salt Lake City this July at the BMW MOA International rally.

1st Place - Male - Dave McQueeney #25244

My thanks to Steve Brunner for coordinating the many activities related to the Mileage Contest. I was very surprised when he notified me of my first place finish in the summer contest, since my mileage was somewhat below what recent contest winners accumulated. Perhaps the new variations of contests have changed how members participate. We’ll see.

In 1981, I took delivery of my first BMW in Germany in a deal arranged by Iron Horse in Tucson. After about ten weeks of travel through Europe, that motorcycle was shipped back to the United States and since that time, I have always had at least one BMW motorcycle in my garage.

Currently, my home is about 20 miles east of Los Angeles, a few miles from the remnants of Route 66 and the nearby mountains and close to several escape routes away from the ever-growing urban mass of LA. After working 40 years in IT environments as a systems analyst, I retired in 2009.

In recent years I have ridden most of my miles on a 2013 R 1200 R and as of December 2016, I had ridden about 176,000 miles on that bike. Reliability has been excellent, with no significant issues; minor replacements included fuel level sensors, a battery and a heated grip. My second motorcycle is a 2002 R 1150 R with only 68,000 miles. This motorcycle has also proved very reliable with only a crown gear seal and pivot bearings needing replacement. While at home, both roadsters undergo regular service at my local dealership, Brown Motor Works, in Pomona, California, and I credit their competent staff for reliably maintaining the bikes. While traveling, I’ve also appreciated the national availability of dealers and have been pleased with service from Gina’s in Iowa, BMW of Jacksonville, BMW of North Dallas, BMW of Daytona Beach, Viva Powersports in El Paso, and MAX BMW in New Hampshire.

I had no specific mileage goal for 2016, and most of my miles were related to IBA activities, either on staff assignments or to complete various certified rides. Those were focused, solitary rides. Many other miles were leisurely and about friendship with both new friends and old. Some of my 2016 highlights include the 50th anniversary of Paul and Voni Glaves, who renewed vows while standing in the Rio Grande river at Lajitas, Texas; the Defective Gene Pool gathering in Allen, Texas; the Lone Star BMR Riders cookout in Sulphur, Oklahoma; and lunch at Ezell’s Fish Camp in Lavaca, Alabama.

Second Place - Female - Minna Case #121097

I live in southern Vermont, close to Mount Snow, where our riding season, unless you are a brave soul willing to ride in the snow, is usually from mid-April to mid-November. I work as a community association and property manager, and I manage a large condominium community, and because the winter months are the busiest time, I am able to take my work "on the road" and do a little travel during the warmer months.

My trusted steed Tigger is a 2008 R 1200 GS with more than 152,000 miles on the odometer. We got acquainted in November 2015 when I inherited him from a kind soul; it has been a love affair ever since. Before Tigger, I rode a 2009 G 650 GS named Blackie, and together we had 67,000 miles of fun before parting ways.

I absolutely love motorcycling and will ride whenever and wherever I can. I commute a whopping six miles to work, I enjoy riding around all New England, and I am an avid long distance rider. It is not unusual to ride several hundred miles with a friend for a cup of coffee or a good lunch.

Last year I rode my ultimate challenge; I rode the Iron Butt Association's 50cc Gold which took me coast to coast in no more than 50 hours. On that ride, I went from Coney Island, New York, to San Francisco, California, riding the 2,956 miles in 46 hours. It was amazing, and I would do it again.

Long distance riding is an endurance sport and one that fits me well as there is nothing better than the humming of the engine and the open road. What great therapy, too! One of the reasons I logged many of my miles in 2016 was because I participated in the Tour of Honor ( which brought me all around the country to visit more than 60 memorials in 26 states. I can't wait to do it again in 2017.

I ride solo most of the time but do enjoy riding with friends. I also like to participate in rallies, including the Team Lyle New England eight-hour rally or other fun scavenger hunt types of rides. I am a member of the Vermont BMW Owners Club as well as the Yankee Beemers. I am also a proud member of the Iron Butt Association.

I realized this fall that I have actually ridden more than 100,000 miles on BMWs. Another great milestone! I was very surprised to find out that I came in second place for the 2016 BMW MOA summer mileage contest, and I'm proud of that, too.

I can't wait to see what 2017 will bring in miles and adventures on the bike. 

Second Place - Male - Leslie Gullery #196419

I live in Canyon Country, California, just north of Los Angeles and am a retired from my position as a Senior System Financial IT Analyst for a Health Insurance company. I started long distance riding in 2008 on a 1997 BMW R 1100 RT with my brother Michael on a ride to Canada. Three BMWs later, I now ride a 2008 BMW R 1200 GS.

I belong to the Southern California Motorcycle Association (SCMA) and challenged myself to complete their SCMA Grand Slam of Rides, which consists of completing five major rides and 13 out of 15 monthly rides. So, last year I started a Four Corners ride with my riding buddy, Dale. We left California to start the challenge in Key West, Florida, then headed north to Madawaska, Maine, and then west to Blaine, Washington. Just east of Blaine my drive shaft failed and I had to truck my bike home while Dale completed the Four Corners Ride to San Ysidro, California. 

Two weeks later I rode to Traverse City, Michigan, for my daughter's wedding and then back to California following Route 66. Two weeks after that, Dale and I headed to Tombstone, Arizona, for the start of the Three Flags Classic which took us from Tombstone, Arizona, to Kimberly, British Columbia.

A week after we returned, I decided to attempt the Four Corners again. This time, my route took me from San Ysidro to Key West, to Madawaska, and then to Blaine. While on these tours, we also rode the best 15 Roads in the continental U.S. In between these tours, I also rode to 21 California Missions and 24 California National Parks.

My goal in 2017 is to ride an additional 17,000 miles to reach 400,000 miles ridden on a BMW. I’d like to thank Dennis Even of the SCMA for introducing me to long distance riding and Dale Gillibrand for joining me on the Four Corners, Three Flags Classic and Best 15 Roads tours.

2016 was truly my "Year of the Ride,” and I’d also like to thank the BMW MOA for this recognition.

Third Place - Female - Jayne Thompson #80297

My husband and I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, set in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. We are blessed to be retired, but keep busy caring for our 40 acres and helping our families. We are also blessed to have great riding all around us!

My husband and I each ride an R 1200 GS. We enjoy many types of motorcycling, including competitive touring, riding the roads in Northern Pennsylvania, riding to the BMW MOA National Rally, and meeting our great friends at different events, as well as taking many cross-country trips to visit all the beauty North America has to offer.

I've been riding my own bike since 1992 when I bought a Yamaha 225 Serow, a bike I still have and use to practice on. My first touring bike was a 1995 Yamaha Virago, and in 1997 I bought a used BMW R 1100 RT and rode with my husband home from the dealership in a December snowstorm.

I bought my dream bike in 2006 when I purchased my first GS, and a year later rode that bike on a dream vacation to Alaska, something I had been thinking about since I was 13! I currently own a 2015 R 1200 GS, and I can’t stop riding it, logging 30,000 miles in one year!

BMW has never failed to make my riding experience more enjoyable by making bikes that fit me and my personal riding needs. Since we are retired, our profession is now Motorcycle Adventurers, so this number of miles has become our norm.

Last year was an exceptionally good year for our riding, as we traveled through nearly every U.S. state, including a wild ride through New Mexico where we encountered every type of weather except a hurricane. On that trip we also experienced wonderful riding in Utah, including the dirt road through the Valley of the Gods, the Moki Dugway and all of Utah's wonderful National Parks. We also rode to Quebec, Canada, to ride the Gaspe’ Peninsula, toured Colorado and took several rides through West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. Finally, we had a great ride up through New York's Adirondacks, around Lake Champlain into Vermont to get ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. A little closer to home, we also rode to every county in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to my wonderful husband Darryl for his companionship and support, to all the staff at Hermy’s BMW in Port Clinton, Pennsylvania, for their service and gear, and to our friends for planning some great events to ride to.

Riding a motorcycle is definitely the best therapy for a good life! Ride on!

Third Place - Male - Dan Myers #83451

I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1970, BMW’s since 1992, and for the past five years, a 2011 R 1200 GS has been the only bike in my stable.

I am blessed to be retired and living with my wife of 30 years, Chris, the best riding enabler anyone could ask for. We live in Sparks, Nevada, on the eastern foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, close to Sierra BMW, an exceptional BMW dealership with an incredibly supportive service department.

In 2014, I rode all over Alaska, but in 2016 I just needed to get to Prudhoe Bay so I could attempt an Iron Butt Association challenge. I rode out of Sparks last May to join a MotoQuest tour in Anchorage that was heading to Prudhoe Bay. I was fortunate to be included in an eclectic team of riders, most of whom don’t rack up a lot of miles, but all of whom had better skills than I do. It was so much fun!

Other rides took me to Key West, Florida, to successfully complete the IBA Extreme Coast to Coast ride. My next tour took me to St. John’s, Newfoundland, where Chris joined me. Together, we explored that historic city, rode across Newfoundland and ferried to Sidney, Nova Scotia, to ride Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, before Chris flew home and I headed for the BMW MOA National rally in Hamburg, New York.

At Trois Pistoles, 150 miles north of Quebec City, I discovered that my final drive main seals/bearings were blown. Stephane Gagno, a biology professor riding an Indian, shepherded me into Quebec City and translated for me the next day at Moto Vanier. They rebuilt my final drive by 5 p.m. that same day because I was a traveler. The next morning Stephane led me on a 250-mile breakfast ride through the countryside before I headed off for the U.S. and Hamburg.

A week after I got home from Das Rally I rode the Idaho BDR with my friend Curtis. A couple of weeks later, another Dan and I rode parts of the Oregon off-road routes. Many 500-800 mile day rides through the northern California Sierra’s and Nevada rounded out my mileage total.

I am grateful to so many people who made this past year’s journey possible, and who made it a memorable and rewarding year.

Average Female Rider - Donna McInerney #97005

My introduction to motorcycling happened when my touring buddy, who also happens to be my wonderful husband Michael, bought a 1997 BMW F 650.

A year later, I was sitting on the bike and wondering if I could learn to ride a motorcycle. A couple of weeks later, Michael said he wanted to trade the F 650 on a bigger bike. I said, “NO!” and told him that I wanted to learn to ride. After he picked his jaw up off the ground, we went to the BMW dealership in Missoula, Montana, and learned about the basic MSF course. In 2001, we took the class together, and that is where I learned to ride.

Michael said I took to motorcycling like ducks to water. Michael got his bigger bike, an R 1150 GS, and off we went. Since that time we have ridden the Dempster Highway in Alaska to Inuvik as well as many other locations in that area

Last year, our plans included riding to the Georgia Mountain Rally, and during our two-week trip we also planned to travel to Georgia via Big Bend National Park to see friends in Terlingua. That route would also give us the opportunity to ride through much of the south including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Then after an oil change in Tennessee, we would continue to Hiawassee, Georgia, for the rally. After the rally, we then rode through North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois to Missouri to see family. Then it was through Kansas and back home to Colorado. In August, I love riding to the Bee Cee Beemers Rally in Naskup, British Columbia. To get there, we ride through Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

After riding the F 650 for about two and a half years, Michael bought me a 2004 R 1150 RT so I could keep up with his R 1150 GS. Then, in 2007 we brought matching R 1200 GSs, so most of my traveling has been on that bike.

We both retired in 2015 and are free to travel anywhere we want. My touring buddy and I hope to see you down the road. Ride Safe

Average Male Rider - Dwight Blake #124757

I may be an average rider in terms of miles on my BMWs, but this was a not an average year for me and my wife, Laura.

Normally we do a five or six week summer trip to the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, but because of my knee issues, we stayed in the east this year.

We live in Greenfield Township, Pennsylvania, northeast of Scranton, and are both members of the Black Diamond Beemers of northeast Pennsylvania. Since I retired in 2010, I’ve been able to ride much more aboard my 2006 R 1200 RT, 2004 R 1150 R and a 2001 Moto Guzzi California EV. Laura rides a 2010 R 1200 R, so when we go to Beemer rallies I always ride one of my BMWs and when we go to Moto Guzzi rallies I always ride my Guzzi.

My wife and I truly enjoy going to rallies and taking long road trips. Last year we attended four BMW rallies and four Moto Guzzi rallies, in addition to attending Barber Vintage Days in Birmingham, Alabama. Between the two of us we carry all of our camping gear. We do stay in motels for one night stops but camp at all the rallies and locations where we want to spend extra time riding.

We are also fortunate to have a great group of riding friends which we often travel with, both locally and on our out-west ventures.

Although this year was an “average year,” I had knee replacement surgery in November and am looking forward to many more miles in 2017!

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