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BMW Motorrad updates S & K bikes, gear offerings and announces pricing on R 9T variants

Friday, October 7, 2016   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Wes Fleming

Coinciding with the Intermot trade show taking place this week in Cologne, Germany, BMW Motorrad announced a slew of new products, including motorcycles and apparel.

R nineT variants

In addition to touting the specs and styling of the three new R nineT variations, BMW release pricing for all of them to coincide not only with Intermot, but with the US press event allowing journalists and other motorcycle industry people their first chance to ride the nineT Scrambler.

    R nineT Racer
  • Debuts in Germany in March 2017
  • Recommended retail price will be €12,300. Without the included 19% VAT, the motorcycle would cost about €9,965, which is about $11,150. Given that the Scrambler's US MSRP number matched the Germany pricing dollar-for-euro, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Racer hit US shores with an MSRP of $12,300.
  • BMW is clearly evoking 1970s race styling with the sleek but open look; that fairing wouldn't be out of place at Daytona in 1974. BMW's press materials call it "crouched, compact and elongated."
    R nineT Pure
  • Debuts in Germany in March 2017
  • RRP will be €13,300, including 19% VAT
  • Touted by BMW's press release as "the essence of the purist, classic roadster - authentically designed, without frills and reduced to the absolute essentials." My source at Intermot called the Pure "a clean-looking bike."

Read the full press release on the Racer and Pure (requires PDF reader).

K 1600 GT

The K 1600 GT is getting a full refresh for the 2017 model year. BMW says they're taking "the concept of the 6-cylinder high-performance touring bike further" and their assessment looks spot on - of course, the proof is in the pudding and we'll do our best to get our hands on one to give you the low-down on its real-world utility. Read the full press release (requires PDF reader).

Power specs are boosted to 160 hp and 130 lb-feet of torque (175 Nm). Dynamic ESA is back, now featuring fully automated damping adaptation in Road mode. Spring preload is altered with a simple push of a button by the rider to tweak the settings to any preferred riding style.

One of the aspects of the bike the K16 replaced - the venerable K 1200 LT - that some riders griped about missing was the Light Truck's electric reverse. BMW listened, and the new K 16 GT has a reverse assist. Instead of a fiddly dial, though, reverse assist is engaged from the Wonder Wheel and put into motion with the starter button. No word from BMW if the LT's electric center stand will make an appearance.

    Other features on the updated K 16 GT include:
  • Shift assist pro
  • Intelligent Emergency Call
  • New instrument cluster design
  • Optimized wind and weather protection from updated body design
  • New color schemes - Mars Red metallic or Blackstorm metallic with Asphalt Gray metallic matte frame, gloss black wheels and Platinum metallic matte engine are two schemes; the third is Lupine Blue metallic/Blackstorm metallic with a black drivetrain and gold brake calipers

S 1000 R, RR, XR

Also being updated for 2017 are the S 1000 R, RR and XR platforms. Read the full press release (requires PDF reader).

    S 1000 RR
  • Updated to EU4 requirements (as are the R and XR variants)
  • ABS Pro is an optional add-on (comes with "Riding Modes Pro")
  • DTC is standard
  • Single seat w/passenger seat cover now standard; buyer can opt for a passenger seat with no charge
  • Similar color schemes, but new designs for them
  • Design Option Wheels with red rim lines now standard in some color schemes
    S 1000 R
  • Power boosted from 160 to 165 hp at 11k rpm
  • Weight down by 4.4 pounds; payload increased by 4.4 pounds
  • HP titanium muffler now standard
  • BMW claims "vibration-free" handlebars
  • New frame structure (where some of the weight reduction comes from)
  • ABS Pro is an optional add-on
  • HP Shift Assist Pro is an option add-on
  • light HP forged wheels (more weight reduction) are an optional add-on
  • Design Option Wheels with red rim lines an optional add-on
  • Multifunction instrument cluster now more readable, includes outdoor temp reading
  • Fairing size "significantly" reduced
  • New color schemes
    S 1000 XR
  • Same power boost as the R
  • BMW claims "vibration-free" handlebars
  • Payload increased 22 pounds
  • Red and White color schemes carried over; Ocean Blue color scheme added

Rider Equipment: Make Life a Ride!

BMW Motorrad's commitment to safety isn't just obvious in their motorcycles; BMW's safety gear is talked about in lofty circles that include the best in the industry. In recent years, BMW's luggage quality has improved and they've ventured deeper into lifestyle clothing options that let BMW riders display the brand in stylish ways. Read the full press release (requires PDF reader).

    The line includes:
  • The System 7 Carbon helmet replaces the popular System 6 EVO helmet and is convertible into a "jet helmet" without tools and designed for integration with the BMW Communication System, which is itself homologated to the ECE 22-05 standard
  • All-new EnduroGuard suit - made in cooperation with Schoeller Textil using a material called Dynatec that incorporates "ceraspace" - ceramic particles in a polymer matrix (probably some huge science behind that!). The same coating is used on the new EnduroGuard gloves.
  • AIRBAGS! - the Street AIR Dry and StreetGuard AIR jackets incorporate airbags designed in collaboration with Alpinstars. The system is supposed to be able to detect an "accident situation" within 85 milliseconds and does not require being connected to the motorcycle. (A blink lasts about 300 milliseconds.)
  • The Ride quilted jacket is also among the seven new jackets in the line
  • DarkNite premium suit, DoubleR and BlackLeather jackets and Ride Kevlar jeans
  • Helm Street X helmet - sporty, slim and highly functional as well as wind-tunnel optimized
  • Legend helmet - clearly aimed at roadster riders and vintage bike enthusiasts. I have to say I'm somewhat amazed that BMW would produce a vintage-styled three-quarters helmet. No giant melons, though - sizes max out at XL (61 cm).
  • Road 66 goggles - to go with the Legend helmet, of course, and they come with a slick branded pouch
  • New balaclavas - Windbreaker, Summer and Silk. My BMW balaclava is among my must-have winter gear, super comfortable and insulates well. Looking forward to trying these out.
  • Neckwarmer Ride - when a balaclava is too much, but it's still chilly outside
  • TourShell suit with the BMW Climate Membrane for all-weather comfort and high-tech armor for the back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees
  • VentureShell suit - designed in collaboration with super-scientist Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture (just kidding), it features a breathable polyamide textile that repels dirt and water.
  • AirFlow suit - BMW's premium touring suit, also made with Dynatec
  • Boulder, Tokyo, Race and other new jackets for various riding situations and personal styles - many of which are available in women's cuts and men's sizes up to 4XL
  • Pants, pants and more pants - FivePocket jeans with knee armor, Ride jeans with Kevlar and knee armor, WaterProof jeans with the Climate Membrane (and knee AND hip armor)
  • Boots - Rockster, Urban ("coolness for him and her"), SportDry
  • Gloves - in addition to the EnduroGuard 2-in-1 gloves, BMW's line includes AirFlow and Rockster offerings
  • Luggage - you wouldn't think BMW Motorrad would be in the luggage business, but their backpack (they call it a rucksack) that I have is fantastic - big enough to hold a 15" widescreen laptop and rugged enough to protect it, plus it straps directly onto the motorcycle! The new offerings include a waterproof hip bag and the Function small ruck (20 liters of storage).


Mark A. Reilly says...
Posted Thursday, October 20, 2016
Pictures of the apparel line would help the sale.

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