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BMW MOA 2016 Election Notice: A Call for Candidates

Tuesday, November 24, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Murriel Farrington, Secretary

As required by the BMW MOA bylaws, this is the official notice of election, and this article provides specifics on the election process. I would direct all members to the bylaws as amended in November, 2012. The bylaws are available for review online. A full copy of the bylaws is available for delivery by mail by contacting the BMW MOA Office, 640 S. Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

This year we have four open Director positions. If you have the interest, time and dedication to the BMW MOA and would like to run for office, we encourage you do so. Your typical meeting obligation would be twelve full board conference calls, and four in-person, quarterly weekend board meetings annually; additionally, you would serve on two committees with a schedule similar to the full board’s. Board Officers are elected by the Directors at the first board meeting following the election. Board members are reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses. Members typically arrive on either a Thursday (when there are Friday meetings scheduled) or Friday in time for late afternoon committee meetings, and fly out Sunday.

With new candidates come new ideas and fresh perspectives, and this is always good to keep our club growing in a healthy manner. We encourage you to seriously consider running for Director.


Under the guidance of the Secretary and the execution by the BMW MOA Executive Director and Staff, we are requesting that all BMW MOA members who are interested in becoming a candidate for the 2016 election inform the BMW MOA office; however, this is not required to be eligible for nomination. A nomination packet will be sent to each interested candidate from the BMW MOA office. Included in the nomination packet is a nomination petition that can be used to obtain at least five other individual members’ names, including their BMW MOA member numbers, addresses and signatures that support the candidate’s nomination. Obtaining the five signatures is required, but the provided nomination petition is only an example.

Along with the nomination petition, the Candidate Search Committee must receive a biography and position statement of a maximum of 500 words. The Candidate Search Committee will count the words and cut off the election materials after the 500th word of any biography and position statement exceeding this length. A photograph is not required, but it is highly recommended. The nomination petition may be submitted at a different time than the biography, position statement and optional photograph, but all required election documents have to be received by the Candidate Search Committee no later than February 1, 2016, for the member’s name to appear on the ballot as a candidate. February 1, 2016, is also the last day to withdraw candidacy, change candidacy or revise the biography or position statement.

The Candidate Search Committee shall, at any time, advise any individual member of the BMW MOA who so requests which members have been nominated or have submitted nominations for any or all positions. Except for members of the Candidate Search Committee, and prior to the submittal of the required materials to the Secretary, no person shall read or listen to the biography or position statement of any other candidate without such candidate’s prior permission. Members of the Candidate Search Committee who are also candidates may read such biographies and position statements prior to the submittal to the Secretary provided they have previously submitted their biographies and position statements and do not later alter them.

The required forms can be submitted to any member of the Candidate Search Committee, but they must be received no later than February 1, 2016. The bylaws are specific on this date. The Chairman of the Candidate Search Committee is Tom Buttars, whose address is 2701 S 13th St., Lincoln, Nebraska. 68502; the other committee members will be announced in the January issue of the BMW Owners News. All members of the committee will have served on or worked closely with the BMW MOA Board of Directors and will be able to address candidate’s questions about serving on the Board from their personal experiences.

The April issue of the BMW Owners News will contain the election material, including each candidate’s biography and position statement, optional photograph and the election ballot. The last day to submit ballots is April 30, 2016. The Election Committee will look at the postmark for all ballots received after that date. The Election Committee will not count ballots received on or after May 11, 2016, even if the postmark is April 30, 2016.

For the 2016 election, the candidates are invited to participate in a special election section on the BMW MOA Internet Forum. This forum will go live on or about April 1 to coincide with the delivery of the election issue of the Owners News. The rules of conduct will be provided to all candidates after their nomination forms are accepted by the Candidate Search Committee. The Candidate Search Committee and the forum administrators will be available to provide support to any candidate or potential candidate well before April 1 to insure that any candidate that wants to participate in the on-line discussions will be able to do so.

The Election Committee is nominated by the President and will be announced after the January Board Meeting. The Election Committee will certify the results of the BMW MOA 2016 Election and report the results to the President and Secretary who will notify all candidates. The Secretary will cause the election results to be printed in the Owners News no later than the July 2016 issue. Successful candidates will assume office at the Board of Director’s Meeting to be held at the 2016 BMW MOA International Rally in Hamburg, New York.


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