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AIMExpo Report: Saturday

Sunday, October 18, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Wes Fleming

The AIMExpo is, I believe I've said 78 times since Tuesday, a very well organized event.  For the number of exhibitors in attendance (over 550), you'd be surprised at how smoothly everything runs.

Thursday and Friday are for industry professionals and media only. From a media standpoint, it gives people like me the opportunity to attend presentations from various exhibitors and learn about some exciting new products - and MOTORCYCLES - that are new to the market or coming soon.  It also gives business owners a chance to connect with dealers, manufacturers, distributors and other industry folks to talk about trends, set up meetings, discuss deals, and learn about each others' products.

Saturday and Sunday are open to the public. I believe tickets were $15 this year, though that may have involved some kind of discount - I know AMA members got a discount.  Saturday the Expo is open from 9 in the morning til 7 in the evening, a long day for exhibitors but a worthwhile one, because everybody I talked to with a booth says without their customers, they'd be nowhere.  It's open to the public again on Sunday from 10 to 5.

Between working the MOA booth, talking to members and prospective members, and ranging across the Expo floor to keep connecting with exhibitors who offer products, supplies and services of interest to BMW riders, I kind of forgot to take photos today.

I want to make it up to you, though, by directing you to the MOA's Twitter feed ( and the live-tweeting of the American Motorcyclist Association's Hall of Fame induction ceremony for 2015.

Start with this tweet

and keep scrolling up until you finish the event with this tweet

These are towering giants of motorcycling, from a guy who helped resurrect Harley-Davidson in the 1980s to a guy who was instrumental in bringing a serious road racing circuit to the United States in 2015. Their speeches were emotional and heartfelt, funny and serious, and above all, inspiring. Though there are many women in the Hall of Fame, none were inducted tonight.

In the coming months, I'll bring you information about a bunch of companies: 6D Helmets, Ted Porter's Beemer Shop, Moto Hansa, Overland International, Coach2Ride, Yuasa, iXS, Shoei, ABUS, Touratech, Bridgestone, Gear Up N Ride, Motion Pro, Held, Schuberth, Shark, Rox Speed FX, Road Wolf Design, Moto Machines, Helibars, Gerbing, Giant Loop, Arai, Venture Heat, and more.

Be well, ride hard and think safety. It's been a pleasure reporting on the AIMExpo for you.


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