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Cardo announces scala rider PACKTALK comm system

Wednesday, June 10, 2015   (2 Comments)
Posted by: Wes Fleming

Cardo's scala rider PACKTALK represents game-changing technology in the world of motorcycle communications.

The scala rider PACKTALK offers from three to ten (!) riders a unique and unprecedented communications experience. Thanks to auto-adaptive Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC™) technology, multiple riders will now communicate in a fluid virtual network and remain connected where Bluetooth would have instantly cut off. In DMC mode, each rider acts as an autonomous hub that maintains simultaneous and distinct communication with everyone in the group, even after one or more riders venture out of range or drop off for any reason. DMC™ connects up to ten riders in full duplex conference mode at individual distances of up to one mile, and in aggregate group distances of up to 3.5 miles.


Now everyone can ride freely, randomly overtake each other or even drop off and seamlessly re-join without causing a breakdown of communication to the other riders. The compelling empowerment derived from DMC technology, becomes apparent even among as few as three riders. For the first time, small and large group riders will now experience a perfect synthesis between togetherness and freedom.

Offering the best of all worlds, the new scala rider PACKTALK incorporates dual-core Bluetooth and DMC™ communication technologies with both working simultaneously and in a mutually
complementary manner. All of the high-end features in Cardo's existing top-of-the-line scala rider products - such as voice controlled operation and more - plus a number of expanded capabilities, such as full operability from smartphones (Apple® and Android® compatible), are also incorporated in the scala rider PACKTALK.

Users will also be intrigued by the PACKTALK's patent pending multi-function roller-wheel and flat-plate control panel that provide intuitive and easy operation - even when wearing winter gloves.


Adam G. Bragg says...
Posted Monday, January 16, 2017
How does this sync with the BMW RT1200RTW? Does this work with the wonderwheel, on-board systems and an iPhone?
Gary R. Wasserman says...
Posted Saturday, July 4, 2015
Wes: It would be great if you could indicate when something is "news" and when it is strictly a PR release from a vendor. I enjoy reading these posts, but I would like to have some up front indication of when the post is "news" and when it is simply advertising. Also if you could post a policy regarding paid vs. free notices. For example if a vendor provides a free piece of copy on a product or service it should be labelled "from the VendorX public relations department". If the vendor pays for an announcement the post should be labelled as such (see the way Google identifies paid search results vs. "normal" hits). Finally if the post is "news" it can be neither verbatim PR nor paid. In the case of the new Cardo product a bit of "news" content would have been appreciated. For example is the product available for retail sale today? What is the MSRP? Is it compatible with existing Cardo products? That sort of information would make it useful to me (and I suspect to others).

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