Video Guidelines

Below are some helpful guidelines to consider before submitting your videos for consideration of posting on BMW MOA’s video page. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our Digital Media Editor, Wes Fleming. We look forward to seeing and sharing your videos!


For starters, you’ll have to first post your video where we can see it; YouTube provides a free hosting service that allows videos to be embedded in other web pages; there are other sites (such as Vimeo) that have similar services. Just let us know, via email, your video web link so we can review your video. We'll also need to know your BMW MOA member number, information about the video, and the five Ws and one H -- who, what, when, where, why and how. Telling us a little about yourself would be nice, too. Try to keep your video short, five minutes or less is a general guideline.

Copyright, Fair Use and Community Guidelines

BMW MOA must steer clear of videos that infringe copyright laws, test the bounds of Fair Use or fall outside of the host site's community guidelines. In addition, MOA will not consider a video that denigrates people, institutions or commercial enterprises. Videos should be in good taste and promote BMW- or MOA-related products or services. If you are creating and posting your video from outside the USA, you will also need to comply with your country's laws.

A computer, video (capable) camera and internet is all you need.

Making and posting a video is surprisingly easy to do. If you've got a reasonably modern computer and internet connection you’re almost there. Many point-and-shoot still cameras also have built-in video. Many computers come bundled with simple-to-use video editing software, and some some smartphones and tablets do as well. Many video applications make it easy to upload your finished videos to YouTube from your computer, phone or tablet.

Q: I'm not an MOA member. Can I contribute?
A: Not usually, but not never, either. We give members preference. Please consider joining the BMW MOA if you would like see your video published on our YouTube channel and/or promoted through our social media outlets. Don't forget that as a member you can have your print stories published on our website or in the BMW Owners News magazine.

Video submitters assume granting of permission for posting on the BMW MOA website and on the MOA YouTube Channel. No payments will be made. The BMW MOA reserves the right to refuse, or suggest edits or modifications of submissions.

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