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GS Trophy 2020: DAY TWO!

Posted By Louise C Powers #212117, Monday, February 10, 2020
Day 2 of the 2020 GS Trophy competition in New Zealand dawned sunny and cool, but the participants started breaking camp two hours before the sun came up. Breakfast consumed, the teams met up with their new team partners and marshal for the day to start their long, 360-kilometer day of riding and challenges.

Day 1, with its combination of riding and festivities between dinner and bed, exhausted the competitors. A few kilometers in, everyone started to really wake and feel refreshed. International Female Team II rode with Team Latin America, which is made up of riders from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Paraguay, and a team journalist from Chile. They encountered their first Special Stage only 28 kilometers into the day.

The first challenge took place on the beach right along the eastern coast of the North Island. In this part of the beach, deep gravel is abundant and teams had to drag, pull, and push a dead bike through an off-camber, uneven, hilly cones course. This was a timed event with few rules. Teams just had to get through each of the gates and not knock over cones.

IFT II had Klara and Andrea pulling the bike using tow straps wrapped through the engine guards, while Lisa pushed and steered. They were given the three-two-one-go and started off, Andrea’s strap immediately giving way and tossing her to the ground. Klara and Lisa continued on while Andrea quickly recovered and got back to it. The rest of the run was clean and the women made it through in 60 seconds.

After a quick ride through some countryside and back to the coast, Trophy participants found themselves entering a beach and doing what most of them have only dreamed of doing - cruising along the coast, playing in sand and the salt spray of the waves.

Another quick hop on gravel roads though sheep farms and small villages brought the riders back to the beach for lunch and the second Special Stage. Teams had to choose one rider to in the sand straight down to a pair of flags, crossing behind them, then making it back to a box to stop, kill the engine, and throw hands in the air. The rider would have only one minute to complete this challenge.

Go to www.gstrophy.com and vote for this photo to score some points for IFT II! You can vote from each device you have, so vote often!

The women had been asked by the marshal to choose a member of the team to ride this Special Stage without knowing what it would be, even before they set off for the day. Andrea was the choice; she took off down the straightaway, made the turn around the first flag, and as she reached the second flag, she slid into the sand. Teammates Lisa and Klara, along with journalist Louise, ran to help her right the bike, which she had nearly up by the time they got to her. She took off, made it to the box, and finished dead bike, hands thrown in the air with time to spare.

After more kilometers of gravel roads and a couple of stunning stops on cliffs high above the waves, the tired riders rolled straight into dinner. After they tossed down some dinner and dessert of Pavlova - which Kiwis claim was invented in New Zealand - tents were erected and the GS Trophy participants enjoyed a sheep shearing demonstration in the barn where dinner was presented that evening.

just before riders were ready to fall off their feet from exhaustion, officials announced the day's scores. Though the women performed well, they gained only a couple of points for each Special Stage, and they found themselves in 22nd place. They now have nowhere to go but up, and you can help!

Day 2 was a special day, not only because of the opportunity to ride a beach in New Zealand, but it is also photo contest day! Here on the beach, IFT II posed for a picture they hope you all will love. If you love it enough, and vote for it, they will receive points that go towards their total for the competition. Make sure you go to www.gstrophy.com and vote for your favorite photo - the one for IFT II is just a little above, right there - LOOK AT IT! VOTE! That is the ONLY WAY competitors can receive points! You can like the pics on social media all you want, and the women will see and love that, but votes only count on the website! Remember, you can vote from each device you have, so drag out your laptop, phone, and tablet, and vote on your desktop at work, too!

Follow the action in real time (New Zealand time!) on Instagram (@AGirlOnAMotorbike, @GSTrophyTeamUSA), Facebook (GS Trophy International Female Team II, 2020 GS Trophy Team USA), and on the web at the GS Trophy website and the Women of the MOA blog.

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Adam Chandler says...
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