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Sena’s new Momentum helmet

Posted By Jerry Aldini #214426, Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Since I started riding I’ve been an Arai guy. Though it took several years to scrape together enough green to buy my first, I’ve never looked back. Over the years I’ve tried other brands, but I always come back to Arai, with its perfect fit for my head and long haul comfort.

Then I paired my favorite Arai with a Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset. Initially, I was only interested in streaming some of my favorite tunes to make the miles tick off a little quicker. Once exposed to the functionality of Sena products, I was hooked on the full connectivity: music, phone, GPS and intercom. When the chance came to try a new Sena Momentum helmet with integrated Sena Bluetooth headset, I couldn’t resist.

Sena’s Momentum helmets are offered in three varieties: the Momentum, Momentum Lite and the new Momentum INC with Intelligent Noise Cancelling technology. The difference between the two base models is four Bluetooth connections for the Lite compared to eight for the standard Momentum. The Momentum INC offers the ability to block ambient and repetitive noise with electronic noise canceling technology.

The Momentum helmet weighs in at just under four pounds. The liner is removable and washable. Included with the helmet are a soft cloth helmet bag, user’s manual and a USB cord for charging or downloading the latest firmware. Sena also includes an inflatable ring to hold the helmet when not in use.

Before connecting my devices I took it out for a quick spin to evaluate the fit, comfort and noise levels. I found the opening of the helmet rather small and initially painful during my first attempts at inserting my sizeable melon. I believe this helps reduce wind noise during riding, and if that is the case, I’ll accept the tighter fit. In fairness, after several rides, I’ve learned how to insert and extract my head without discomfort.

The Sena’s interior is plush with thick, removable and comfortably soft cheek pads. With an integrated mic, speakers and electronics, I still found plenty of room between the helmet and the face, as well as around my ears.

The Sena Momentum helmet has a rounder shape than Arai’s traditional long oval. When wearing the Sena, I can feel pressure along my forehead. I’m convinced that after it’s broken in, the Sena will conform to my egg-shaped noggin just fine!

On the road, the Sena didn’t disappoint. Although not as quiet as I had hoped, it’s still quieter than most helmets I have tried. It still requires the use of ear plugs, but I have yet to find a helmet that doesn’t. The Momentum helmet is quite stable in the wind, without annoying hums or whistles, which would be a deal breaker in my book. Ample venting on the front and rear effectively move air across your head on warm days.

All that aside, the real reason you want Sena’s new Momentum helmet is for the integrated Bluetooth functionality. I easily paired the helmet with my phone and almost instantly had music streaming on my ride. With Sena’s Advanced Noise Control, I found phone functionality and clarity of the microphone to be flawless without any struggle to hear or need to yell even when wearing earplugs. The microphone and speakers seem to be perfectly positioned for the best sound quality—probably the single most important feature of a helmet built with an integrated headset.

I found the controls for the helmet large and more intuitive than my older Sena unit. While it does take a little time to learn the sequence of short and long presses to cycle through and learn all the helmet’s functionality, I can’t complain about this out of the box. It simply requires some repetition and use to make it all work smoothly.

In use, the Sena unit easily pairs with up to seven other Sena users to allow for crystal clear, high-definition intercom conversations. Using the Sena smartphone app, users can customize the functionality, including volume levels, voice control, multitasking and volume overlays to suit your preferences. Additionally, the Sena Momentum can integrate voice input from your GPS and receive FM radio broadcasts with ten station presets. The Bluetooth communication features are everything I have come to expect from a top shelf communication company like Sena.

Overall, I found the Sena Momentum helmet to be a bargain given the level of electronics and the apparent quality of the helmet. The sound quality is far superior to my current add-on unit, and I would consider laying down the money for that feature alone. Although I had to adapt the Arai to accept a Sena Bluetooth unit, it fits me perfectly, and I’m not willing to give it up just yet. I’d encourage anyone to test fit Sena’s Momentum helmet. If it hits you in the right places, you will be buying a solid helmet with excellent Bluetooth capability right out of the box.

Though I didn’t crash test the Sena helmet, it is DOT and ECE compliant and comes with a five-year warranty on the helmet and a two-year warranty on the electronics. The Momentum helmet retails for $449. The Lite is slightly less at $399. Sena’s helmets are available from an extensive network of dealers throughout the United States or online at

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