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Wunderlich Windscreen for K 1600 GTL

Posted By Jerry McGaha #182493, Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wind protection on a touring motorcycle can make or break a nice ride. I believe there are two key conditions by which to consider your equipment in this area: solo and two-up riding.

My yardstick for measuring wind comfort is based on the late 1970s and early ‘80s Windjammer fairings. Granted, they were big, not so pretty and expensive, but they offered unparalleled comfort behind the screen. You could smoke a cigar or drink a cup of coffee at 60 miles per hour in the calm bubble they provided.

The K 1600 GTL is a little disappointing in the wind protection department when compared those Windjammers. Granted, the bike shines in so many different ways outside of wind protection it is easy to forgive these shortcomings.

Back to the two prime use cases, riding as a single rider and riding with a passenger. In my case my passenger just happens to be my wife of 33 years, and it’s kind of important to make the ride comfortable for her.

The K16 has an electrically adjustable windshield. In the lowest position, it lowers all the way down to the cowl and secures the GPS. It can then be raised about six inches to the topmost position. When I am riding alone, I will raise the windscreen to about one or two inches below my line of sight. This position effectively pushes the air up and over my helmet, provides nice bug protection, and gives a very nice view of the road.

When riding two up, I will raise the windscreen to between 60 and 80 percent of maximum height to provide improved wind protection for my wife sitting in the big Beemer’s stadium rear seat. In this position, I am looking through the windscreen at about the screen’s mid-point. Fully raised, the stock windscreen buffeted so badly that neither of us were very happy.

During the MOA Getaway at Fontana, North Carolina, in April, I got a chance to check out the Wunderlich model 35380-101-ANB Touring windscreen, the tinted and vented Wunderlich windscreen for my bike. A clear version is available and both tinted and clear are available with or without the vent. I installed the new windscreen in the Fontana Resort parking lot with a single T25 Torx in about 10 minutes. I think it took longer to remove the bubble wrap than the actual installation.

The first thing you notice is the improved looks for the bike. Wow! The tinted screen really brings out the black trim on the bike and matches my black Wunderlich protection bars beautifully! Huge improvement in the looks department, and the fit and finish of the polycarbonate material seems excellent.

I’ve been running the new Wunderlich screen for about two weeks now both with and without my passenger. I can say without a doubt, the single rider wind protection is far superior to the OEM screen. The Wunderlich is significantly wider at the mid-point, and this manifests in much less wind on the shoulders and upper body for the rider. Setting the height at my normal one to two inches over the sight line gives me a much improved overall experience than the OEM screen.

For my passenger, the story is a little different. Raising the screen to between half and three-quarters height like normal provided no significant improvement over the OEM model. Buffeting is still terrible at the full height level and after playing with several set points from single rider low to full up position, I could find no sweet spot. In this two-up position, I am looking through the windscreen and found the tinting to be a nice gradient level. Not too dark and not too light, which actually surprised me as I thought it might hinder my visibility.

Lastly, the included vent. All the notes above were with the vent in the closed position. On a particularly warm April day, I opened the vent and found the air flow to be very nice! Much better than I anticipated. The April air was cool, and the flow through the vent was controllable and pleasant. Overall a nice touch for this screen design and I think worth the extra bucks.

All in all, the Wunderlich screen is beautiful addition for this bike. Single rider protection is a marked improvement. Two-up riding is not significantly better, but for sure no worse either. Unfortunately, a little internet research tells me this particular screen has been discontinued by Wunderlich in favor of an improved design to prevent a whistling from the vent. In my experience this screen has had no problems regarding whistling. There is a height adjustment point that causes excessive wobble of the radio antenna, but with a little up or down adjustment, this issue goes away.


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