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Sargent World Sport Adventure Touring Seat for R 1200 GS Adventure (2013+)

Posted By Jerry Maye #207700, Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Just before writing this review of the Sargent World Sport Adventure Touring seat for my R 1200 GS Adventure, I completed a 7,000-mile, 30-day trip to Canada and Mexico before returning to my home in Louisiana. All of my miles were on the OEM seat, and I occasionally rode more than 500 miles in a day.

At the MOA Getaway in Tomah, Wisconsin, last fall I was able to demo this Sargent seat. During my ride on that Saturday, I put 148 miles on the seat, which included about 40 miles off-road. Because it rained most of the day, our ride took us onto slick, wet concrete, wet gravel, clay, and some hard-packed dirt and sand.

Installing the seat was easy, and at six feet, five inches tall, I only tested the high seat position. Because the Sargent seat is wider and almost an inch longer than the stock seat, I had to remove the passenger seat to be able to lock the Sargent into place. Once this was done, it was simple to press down on the rear of the Sargent seat and then replace the OEM passenger seat. Done in two minutes.

I measured the Sargent World Sport Adventure Touring seat to be 1.3 inches wider at the front and 3.7 inches wider in the back compared to the stock seat. I found this extra width to be wonderful, and it gave me more confidence when gripping the seat with my knees when standing and offered more support when sitting.

I found the firmness of the Sargent seat to be about the same as the stock seat. Perhaps because the Sargent seat is wider, it offered a more comfortable feeling than the stock seat, which tends to get hard on my tail bone after 100 or so miles. After my ride, I found that I wasn't as fatigued with the Sargent seat.

I don't think the Sargent seat needed breaking in. The gel used in the Sargent seemed to reduce vibration, specifically when riding long distances on highways, and I believe that my tail bone didn't feel any pressure or needed rest.

I moved around on the seat by shifting my weight forward and backward and by standing on the pegs and found the Sargent to be about as comfortable as sitting at the dinner table. Additionally, I found that when I was standing, it was much easier to grip the tank with my knees, which made me feel more relaxed.

During my ride, I could feel the stock rear seat on my lower back-side butt area since the Sargent seat sits lower and the passenger seat seemed to overlap the front a tad. Looking at images where Sargent fronts are used with stock rears and comparing them to Sargent-only combinations, there's no doubt that when using a Sargent rear seat there's minimal overlap, which I believe would create a better feel when your weight is shifted back in the saddle.

On the down side, I found the seat to be a little wobbly until I adjusted the rubber mounts on the bottom to reduce the distance from the bottom of the seat to the frame tube. I don’t believe you’re supposed to do this, but I found that if you don't, then the seat has a weird feeling. These rubber mounts are supposed to be used screwed in all the way (to adjust for the low seat configuration) or taken all the way off to accommodate the high seat configuration. I think Sargent may have to look at this a little more closely, or I'm not doing something right.

Overall, I found the Sargent World Sport Adventure Touring seat to be fantastic. I was so impressed with it that after returning home from the MOA Getaway, I went ahead and bought a Sargent 2013.5+ World Sport Adventure Touring Seat (heated, of course) with Carbon FX inserts.

After ordering the seat, it arrived three weeks later. When ordering, I found that all Sargent seats are hand-made, and the sales person I spoke with also gave me a $65 discount that I didn't know existed. In my book, that’s excellent service. Website: SARGENTCYCLE.COM

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John McCauley says...
Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2019
I have this seat on my 2015 R1200RT and I'm also stumped about those screw-in bumpers you are supposed to use in the high position. I have to unscrew them almost a half inch before they contact the frame. I tried emailing Sargent but they never replied.
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