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I came to motorcycling late in life, having grown up hearing, “Don’t ever get on a motorcycle, you’ll DIE!!” from my parents. That changed when, at the ripe old age of 40+, I learned that there was a class you could take to learn to ride (the MSF Basic Riders Course), and you didn’t need to have your own helmet, or even a motorcycle, to take it. I ended up on BMW because I didn’t want a cruiser and the only brand salesman who looked at ME as a buyer was the BMW representative at the local motorcycle show. I’ve been riding for not quite 15 years, and have been a certified Rider Coach for eight years. I survived my sophomore crash (July 2004) wearing BMW gear. I also survived a highway-speed encounter with road debris that cracked the front wheel casting on my Rockster (R 1150 R). I’ve taken Lee Parks’ Total Control and the MSF’s Advanced Riders’ Course several times (because it's fun!). Having recently moved to Lynchburg, VA, I am loving the amazing roads that are right outside.


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Spring warm-up

Posted By Pam Fisher, Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I started to commute to work a few weeks ago. I'll admit that I haven’t ridden more than a handful of times, this year, but it is lovely to be able to take the Blue Ridge Parkway for part of the distance to Roanoke, VA, where I work.

I realize that I should probably spend some time in a parking lot, re-tuning my braking and swerving skills and becoming thoroughly reacquainted with my bike after the cold season. After an in depth visual check of the bike, it’s a good way to get my head back into the whole riding process for the season. Quick stops, slow turns, slow weaves, swerves. It’s good to limber up and shake the cobwebs out.

I’ll also go through my tail bag: Go through the pockets, and toss anything that is gummy, damaged or old. I’ll check my supply of Band-Aids, and things as well. Now is also a good time to change the batteries in my personal tracking gadget (I have a SPOT Generation II), and make sure the emergency ID (Road ID), I carry is where I can grab it to put on, and that the information on it is up to date. I've also got to renew the evacuation/transportation insurance (MedJet Assist).

Tags:  refresher  safety  skills  spring 

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