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I’ve always loved motorcycles, and I rode a dirt bike as a kid. But I didn’t really start riding until 2012 when I bought my first motorcycle, a used 2008 K 1200 GT. It was a great way to test myself and learn what I really loved the most about riding. I realized very quickly that I enjoyed the touring aspect and traveling across America. I signed up for my first rally at Fontana, and it was there that I recognized 1) the strength of the MOA community and 2) the lack of younger members. Ever since that rally in 2014, I’ve asked myself how I could best give back to the community. The best way I know is to take action now and start doing something. I’ve joined the board of directors for our local Carolina’s BMW MOA and ask for your consideration for the BMA MOA board of director’s position.

My goal for joining the board of directors is help strengthen and significantly grow the community. My focus would be on three specific areas: community, new members and education. First, I would like to focus on the experience and stories within the current community through interviews with members. These interviews would help frame up the story of why there is such a love, loyalty and excitement for riding motorcycles—BMW in particular. They need to be shared within the community and outside the community.

Second, I would like to leverage the feedback from current members to share with prospective members/future BMW owners through BMW ON and social media. Motorcyclists love to openly share their experiences on what to do and what not to do. People buy products based on stories and recommendations. People often choose travel destinations based on someone else’s recommendation. I want BMW MOA to be THE PLACE for anyone who wants to learn about motorcycles. This will naturally grow the community.

Third, there is a massive amount of knowledge within this community. We need to gather that information and share openly with prospective and new members. The BMW MOA should be a central location to get as many of the answers as possible. YouTube and others tools are great, but it takes time to find the right answer. BMW MOA should be the first source people think about when they want to learn about motorcycles--experiences, riding, products, etc. Let’s make it easy to find the top answers to the top questions.

People don’t care about how much you know until they know that you care. I want to listen first and then share as much as possible to grow the community. As a family, we should take care of each other and then always mentor the next generation. The best time to make things better is now.

I look forward to the opportunity to listen and serve you to the best of my abilities.

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