Rally Site Selection
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The BMW MOA Rally Site Search Team has the responsibility of identifying and reviewing potential future BMW MOA Rally sites. Team members include Gray Buckley - CO, Karol Patzer - MN, Ian Schmeisser - GA, Dave Swisher - VA, Chuck Manley - IL, and Jackie Hughes - WA.

Who besides the Team can suggest a possible site? Anyone! The 2007 Rally site was suggested by an Ambassador. A fellow club member suggested the Bloomsburg, PA site. Sometimes BMW MOA is contacted directly by the area Convention and Visitors Bureau or Chamber of Commerce.


Once a site is identified the review process begins...does it meet our basic requirements?

  • Site size 100 acres or larger.
  • Adequate grass camping area of about 50 acres.
  • Indoor air conditioned vendor area consisting of 50,000 square feet or more.
  • Wireless Internet service for vendors and Cyber Cafe.
  • Adequate toilets and showers.
  • 2,500 motel/hotel rooms within a 30 mile radius of the rally grounds.
  • Exclusive BMW MOA Beer Garden.
  • RV Parking - 100 spaces minimum.
  • Paved area of at least 200 feet by 300 feet (on or off rally grounds) to teach
  • Rider Performance University Rider Courses.
  • Grandstand or Arena seating for at least 3500 for the Closing Ceremonies.
  • Off Road area (on or off rally grounds) for GS training.
  • Six or more air conditioned areas of various size for holding seminars.
  • Unpaved area on or off site for GS Giant event and off pavement rider training.

When it's determined a site meets our basic requirements a site visit is scheduled with two or more members of the Team. Then the site is reviewed by the entire Team. If the site is approved, a recommendation is sent to the BMW MOA Events Committee for Board approval.

Beginning in 2013, we started a new four Zone rotation schedule of the United States will be implemented as follows:

2017 Western Zone (Zone 1) - Salt Lake City, Utah
2018 Midwest Zone (Zone 3) - TBD
2019 Mid-Mountain Zone (Zone 2) - TBD
2020 Eastern Zone (Zone 4) - TBD
2021 Western Zone (Zone 1) - TBD
2022 Midwest Zone (Zone 3) - TBD
2023 Mid-Mountain Zone (Zone 2) - TBD
2024 Eastern Zone (Zone 4) - TBD

For further information on the Rally Site Selection process or if you have a site suggestion please contact Jackie Hughes, 509-928-3261.

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