Rudy Baumann, #107916

My name is Rudy Baumann, and I’ve been a BMW rider for only about 30 years. Before that I cut my teeth on Hondas, Bridgestones and yes, even an old Zundapp.

I have always loved to ride, and as the years go by and the amount of traffic and number of nonchalant drivers increases, I have taken a keen interest in driver education and awareness, both for cars and bikes. I have written many letters and have even spoken with lawmakers in different states to help educate and motivate those who sometimes have no idea what responsible riding is.

Seven years ago I became a volunteer first responder in my local EMS and have seen firsthand the sometimes irreparable damage caused by both irresponsible drivers of cars and careless motorcycle riders.

I want to continue to use all of my knowledge and expertise both on and off the road to further educate others.

P.S.—I was born in a taxi in Chicago!

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