Muskoka Getaway 2016 Presenters
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1) Weekend Warrior: After the Big Trip, or How to Satisfy My Quest for Adventure after the Big Adventure
Greg Powell, #199009

After returning home from an epic 11-month, 14-country, 65,000-kilometer solo motorcycle journey, I found that my wanderlust had not subsided. The realities of work, bills and money kept me from leaving on another big trip, but it did not prevent me from becoming a weekend warrior, planning rides through the Northern Ontario forests, road side attractions and three Iron Butt rides in under 36 hours!

2) History of the Trent-Severn Waterway
Steve Rice #152263 and Fran Rice #199236

Steve and Fran have lived a very unusual lifestyle. Having spent a number of years riding, they then went sailing for an extended period of time, navigating their motorsailor up the eastern seaboard to Lake Ontario to reach the historic Trent-Severn Waterway system on their way to complete the Great Circle Loop back to the Gulf of Mexico and Florida’s east coast. The Trent-Severn Waterway has some of the most unique types of locks in the world and our Getaway attendees will have the opportunity of finding out a bit about them and riding on one of our GPS routes to several of them.

3) The Pamir: Road to Hell!
Bill Hooykaas, #12547

Riding through the 'Stans to China through the northern Himalaya along the infamous Pamir Highway with the Taliban in Afghanistan on your right and Russian tanks and gunships in Tajikistan on your left reminds you you’re in one of the most contested regions in the world. Hear about riding above 14,000 feet for days at a time, eating mutton soup and temperatures ranging from 45c to below freezing in one day.

4) Roadside First Aid for Motorcyclists
Miguel Arango, #198579

As an amateur rider and with not much time to travel for long periods of time, I am always looking for time to my motorcycle. Unfortunately the risk of an accident is always present and almost for sure I will be the first on the scene. A good management of an accident can make a difference not only in the immediate survival but also in the medical prognosis.

This year, we will have an excellent group of physicians and paramedics talking about different first aid procedures that should and should not be done during an accident. The presentation will include topics such as basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, evaluation of consciousness, fracture stabilization, proper removal of the helmet and more. We also will include topics around how to prevent illness during our travels, signs and symptoms of dehydration, gastrointestinal infections, etc. Everything related to a good first aid kit will also be discussed: essential, necessary and optional objects.

5) Yoga for Motorcyclists: Foundation (talk and session)
Diana Londono #201385

Join me to understand the basics of the importance of keeping proper alignment in your bike and how to build balance between strength and flexibility plus improving endurance. You will learn techniques to improve awareness and how to recover faster through yoga, supporting your ride even beyond your destination.

As bikers, we are enthusiasts; we ride matching the intensity of any perceived boundary, so let's use this intuitive desire for joy and freedom by working from our body to our rides and to our lives. As you learn to connect deeper to your body, your ride experience will be greater, softer in the body, clearer in the mind, attention sharpens, we respect our limits, we live in more connection within our self and with the beautiful environment that is given to us to enjoy and protect. Recovery between bike rides is important to rest your mind, recharge energy and balance your body with strength and flexibility towards a wonderful journey. Improve your recovery time, sleep and circulation through an all-around yoga practice.

6) Dirt Techniques: A practical demonstration of traction loss control in sand and gravel on large dual-sport bikes
Clinton Smout

I am a passionate rider who has taught rider training for over 30 years. I own an off-road rider training school that includes curriculum for adventure touring/large dual-sport motorcycles. I am a BMW GS off-road instructor and love helping fellow riders become more comfortable with their own bikes in challenging traction situations.

Initiating traction loss and then practicing how to control it is a great way to develop the muscle memory habits of handling traction problems on loose surfaces. I would also like to illustrate the best way to pick up a fallen bike, how to mount and dismount a fully laden bike, and how to use your feet to steer.

I will be riding a BMW GS. I will also suggest ways to set up your bike for extended off-road riding (tire pressure, bar and peg adjustment, shut off ABS and traction control, etc.) Lastly, I will demo slow speed control, counter balancing and tight turns.

7) Meet the Das Rally Chairs & see what they do in non-rally mode
Dutch Lammers, #112667

Thinking about taking on a restoration? Join me and follow along as I talk about "avoid surprises - know what to expect before starting that restoration." Hope to see you there.

8) Trans-Labrador Highway
Louis Linteau, #139481

Louis Linteau will be chronicling his recent ride of the Trans-Lab Hwy (Hwy 500) with fellow BMW Club of Quebec members. If you have contemplated tackling this remote, yet doable gravel road through Labrador to the Atlantic Ocean, come be inspired. It is the best primer if you are contemplating riding the Haul Road or the Dempster Highway across the Arctic Circle.

9) BMW Motorrad Q & A
Andre Richard

Andre Richard of BMW Motorrad Canada will be coming for an informal Q & A session. Andre's talk last year was very well received, so come on up to hear the latest news on the Motorrad front. Plus we hear that he will be bringing some nice draw prizes for all the good little girls and boys! You know it will be worth being there. He will also be talking about Motorrad Days Canada in August (exact date TBA).

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