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The Member Marketplace is exclusively for MOA members. Buy, sell or trade your motorcycle, sidecar, trike, parts, gear or accessories. Creating a listing is quick and easy. Search by category, location or keywords.  And, question and answers are easier than ever

The new Member Marketplace is powered by Panjo and utilizes the MOA forum. It is still a free service and exclusively for the use of MOA members. Simply navigate to the Member Marketplace, login with your username and password and follow the prompts to list your item or browse the current listings. Any questions, contact our membership team. We'll be glad to help.




Visit the forum and login if you haven't visited recently.


(TIP: Check the "Remember Me" box next to your login information for quicker access on your next visit.)



Click the menu item for Marketplace.


Follow the step by step directions to:

  • Enter your item title
  • Choose an appropriate category
  • Specify your location
  • Set a price
  • Specify a shipping amount


(TIP: As a seller, you can specify several different shipping levels.  If you prefer to leave the shipping amount "open" based on buyer and seller preferences, simple choose "Flat Rate" and leave the Shipping Price field blank.)


Enter a description. Be sure to include all the relevant details and alternate  contact information if you prefer contact other than email.


Upload photos by either dragging photos onto the page or clikcing the "Upload a File" box.  Picture files are best in a .jpg format smaller than 4MB in total size.  600 - 800 pixels wide would be ideal. There is no limit on the number of pictures in each listing.


Under Advanced Options, you may specify if you have more than one of an item, a regular retail price for comparison to your price and whether you want your item visible outside the BMW MOA community.


Finally, you may automatically connect your listing to your Paypal account for faster payment or you click "Collect Payment on Your Own" to bypass the Paypal payment options. Paypal fees apply to payments collected via Paypal.


Click "Post Item for Sale" and go riding!




Marketplace GUIDELINEs

Let's keep it simple.

  1. The Marketplace is for the use of BMW MOA members. A valid MOA forum username and password is required to list items, however guests can browse categories and view complete listings. Contacting a seller or "buying" an item requires a login.
  2. Each listing is your canvas.  The new Marketplace has expanded capability and space for information, descriptions, pictures or just about anything else. However, there are fewer specific locations for item information, such as mileage, color, model year, phone number, email address, etc.  Make sure you specify important information within the body of your listing.
  3. Be honorable, professional and polite. We are all friends and likely shared a campfire at the end of a long ride. Do your best to be accurate and fair in descriptions. Questions and answers can be public for every member to see.  Please make sure you are communicating respectfully.
  4. The MOA is providing this Marketplace as a member benefit.  The organization is not endorsing any individual, seller, item or listing and makes no warranty about an item for sale or trade.
  5. Questions or concerns may be reported to our membership team


Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions with answers. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.
Do I have to register to create listings?
Yes. A current BMW MOA membership is required to list items. However, both members and guests can browse the marketplace. To list an item for sale, login with your MOA username and password. Not a member yet? JOIN NOW or take advantage of our 90 day TRIAL MEMBERSHIP!
How do I stop my listing from running?
To end a current listing, click "My Account" at the top of any page. Then click "listings" and the "stop" button to the left of any ad that you want to cancel.
Where should my item be listed?
The Marketplace is most effective when items are categorized correctly. Please take a moment to identify the best category to describe your item. The segment categories (Dual sport, sport, supersport, etc.) should be reserved for BMW motorcycles. Parts & accessories, gear, other brands and other motorcycles should be listed in the labeled categories and not in the motorcycle segment categories. Want ads should also be listed in the appropriate sections for motorcycle, parts or gear.
How much do listings cost?
The Member Marketplace is a free service for BMW MOA members. There are no fees to list, buy or sell items in the Marketplace.
How long does a listing run?
Listings are active for 120 days and can be renewed from the "listings" tab on your "My Account" page.
I don't want my name, phone number or email address to appear on your site. What should I do?
To hide all of your personal information when creating a listing, just do the following:
1. Answer "NO" to the question "Include Profile with Listing"
2. Do not enter your street address or phone number in the listing description.

Buyers interested in your listing will be able to contact you via anonymous email using the "Contact Advertiser" link on the site. The email address you enter for a listing is NOT shown on the site - it is used by the site to route anonymous contact requests to your email without making your email address visible to others.
If all my information is private, how can a buyer contact me?
When your ad appears, instead of showing your contact information the following appears: "This seller has chosen to remain private. You may contact this seller via anonymous email by clicking here." The prospective buyer completes an on-line form and the system sends you an email without revealing your information to the prospective buyer.
What is your privacy policy?
See the PRIVACY POLICY for details.
How much does it cost to register?
A regular BMW MOA membership is only $40 per year. If you are interested in knowing more about the MOA or taking the club for a test ride, register for a 90 day TRIAL MEMBERSHIP.


Do I have to register to use the site?

Registration is not necessary to browse or search ads. You should still register, to save time, as the site will remember various preferences for you. If you want to create ads, you will need to purchase a BMW MOA membership. More information about membership is available on the WHY JOIN page.


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