Marc Souliere, #37836

As a life member for 30 years and an ambassador, I have decided to seek election to the board of the BMW MOA. When I learned that many of the current board members would be leaving the board over the next two years, I felt that our club could benefit from my experience as a former MOA Board Member as well as from the knowledge that I have acquired while serving on other boards and during my career in senior management and as a mediator and facilitator.

The work of a board member requires an understanding of the needs and expectations of our members and a significant commitment to ensuring that the MOA moves ahead in an organized and thoughtful manner, still respecting the traditions and values of our club and its members. Over the last 10 years we have had to overcome significant challenges. This has been a fact of life for the MOA. In the future we will continue to require leadership that has the skills and commitment to guide our club in the direction that members want and need.

A club is only as strong as the commitment and generosity of its members. As chair of registration at the annual rally over a five year period, I have had the opportunity to meet many of you, and I remain impressed with the diversity and commitment of our members. We are very fortunate that we have such a strong, member-based club with so many members giving of their time and effort to make sure that the BMW MOA continues to thrive and prosper. We need to continue to foster this and encourage our members to step up and offer their services to our club. Only in this way will we continue to meet our club’s mandate of being an organization that serves its members wisely.

Should I be elected, I will always strive to make the BMW MOA an organization that embraces change not for change’s sake but for the changing needs of our members. When change does happen, we need to be conscious of how we manage this change so that negative impacts are reduced while taking the steps that are essential for the future of the BMW MOA.

At the end of my last term as a board member I became aware that we as members are not as well informed about the club as we should be. I believe that the BMW MOA can communicate more effectively with members. You need to be kept better informed and, whenever possible, consulted on major issues facing our club. As a future board member I will make it my calling to help ensure timely and effective communication with all members.

I believe that I have the time and experience to serve you and the BMW MOA as a whole. It is my hope that you will allow me to again serve the MOA as a board member. Please cast your ballot in my favor. Thanks.

Visit Marc and ask questions in the Candidate and Election thread in the MOA Forum.
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