Chase Hinderstein, #149864

 I joined the MOA in 2009, the year I returned to riding after almost two decades away from a motorcycle. My experience with club members has shown me that they love to ride and love the experiences that riding brings. That may be through travel, rallying, time on a track, or simply gathering for a meal. The club should exist to enhance and facilitate these experiences for us, the members. Other purposes include sharing the knowledge on how to better care for our equipment and select options, supporting the events that bring us together, helping us enjoy our passion safely, and creating the common ground on which we can gather and share experiences, whether in person or in virtual, online settings.

I was told that by serving I would bring the board a more youthful perspective and fresher eyes, which is not something I hear often now that I am in my 40s. I do appreciate that we need to innovate or we risk stalling. I also appreciate that our core members have been supporting the club for a long time. I don’t see the value in trying to change how everything’s been done, but rather I would like to support how the core members approach and interact with the club and always think of them in the solutions.

That being said, I was recently told by someone in the business of racing, “If you’re coasting, you’re falling further behind,” and I do want to bring continued evolution to the progress that’s already been made. I will help continue the improvements in the Owners News; improve the MOA’s online presence by updating the website, forums and other platforms; increase social media presence by providing even more relevant, useful, and timely material; and support the development of the regional events, leveraging them to reach a broader audience through more effective messaging. I believe these steps will further expand the reach and enrollment in the club while meeting the needs of the current membership.

One specific example: our online forum is where many of our members gather and share their opinions, thoughts, and questions. We should be more present there in the forum and on the front page on the website to quickly publish important information regarding the club as it’s available, to address common concerns, and to dispel any unfounded rumors before they are the accepted truth.

Lastly, while we cannot expect to tell the owner of the brand what to do, the company is not the club. I’d like to see the MOA act as a stronger advocate for its members and be a conduit of information for them from BMW NA. This may be by taking a more active role in bringing the facts of a recall to the public or simply by sharing ideas and supporting a stronger flow of developments and product information. We are large enough for our voice to matter, and we should be empowered by our size.

Visit Chase and ask questions in the Candidate and Election thread in the MOA Forum.
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