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Wes Fitzer
K 1600 GTLE
Stigler, OK
I was elected to the MOA Board of Directors in 2014 and served as Treasurer. Now I have been given the honor of serving as your President. I joined the MOA in 2011 after lurking on the forum for 4 years. I, like many of you, grew up riding but gave up my sport to put myself through Oklahoma State University, earning degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. After graduation I started my career in Law Enforcement and met my beautiful wife of 21 years. Soon thereafter we started a family and before I knew it 15 years had passed since I owned my last motorcycle. I purchased a 2005 R 1200 GS and loved every minute of it. I currently own a 2014 K 1600 GTLE. I was approached and asked to run for the BoD and here I stand. I tell people all the time, this organization has been therapeutic for me, after 21 years serving in Law Enforcement I had become jaded toward society. This group of people has taught me there are at least 33,000+ good people and I have the honor of considering many of them friends. Thank you for allowing me to serve.
Vice President
Jackie Hughes

Spokane, WA
Reece Mullins
R 1200 RT
Enterprise, AL
After twenty-two years in the Army, working my way up from private to chief warrant officer four, and after a long and grueling 15-month deployment to Iraq from 2006 to 2007, I decided it was time to hang up my spurs and retire from active duty in 2008. Knowing I needed an outlet and something new to do, I researched riding and eventually decided on a 2005 R 1200 RT, my first bike. A few months later, I followed my motorcycle mentor's advice and joined the MOA in September of 2008. I have been a member ever since. Riding BMW motorcycles is my passion; serving those that share my passion is my privilege.
Jean Excell

Sam Garst
F 800 GS
Lake Mills, WI
I started riding for the first time about 18 years ago on a K 75, unwittingly joined the Madison BMW Club shortly after that, and have continued falling in with rascals and reprobates ever since. I learned about the MOA through my friends in the Madison club. It seemed to me to be a group of people who I could relate to and learn from, so I joined. That was a great decision. As a newly-elected director of our club, I want to work with you help our club prosper. I truly hope that you will reach out to myself and the rest of your board with your ideas and concerns so that together we can address them and move our club forward. I look forward to seeing all of you down the road. Ride safe.
Lisa Malachowsky

Phoenix, AZ
Marc Souliere

Ottawa, ON
Stan Herman

Chad Warner

Columbus, OH

Adventure riding is an absolute passion of mine. For nearly 40 years riding has been a part of my life. From racing motocross in my junior high and high school years, to yearly adventures in the Rockies with friends. I have found such a sense of community with the BMW riders who I have met over the past few years. The experiences and adventures we have shared has developed friendships that will last a lifetime.

As a Board member I will do everything I can to address members concerns as well as listening to their suggestions on ways that we can make the MOA a more successful organization for everyone. I also hope that I can bring a voice to all those who feel they have no voice within the MOA. I would like to encourage more people to experience their own type of riding adventures, and perhaps they will discover something they truly love, a new passion, and a new appreciation for riding, which inspires them to approach every day with a sense of openness and exhilaration.

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