This Year's Board Election
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Four candidates vie for MOA board positions

By Reece Mullins (#143779), BMW MOA Secretary

In accordance with the BMW MOA’s 2016 election bylaw change, this spring we have two Director positions open for election. Four MOA members have stepped forward and submitted their biographies and photographs to be published in the April 2017 issue of Owners News to more thoroughly educate and inform each MOA member prior to casting his or her ballot.

Elected candidates will be seated on the board as MOA Directors during the executive board meeting on Wednesday, July 12, at the BMW MOA International Rally in Salt Lake City. The two candidates elected will serve on the board for three years. New officer elections (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) will occur at the same time, once the new board members have been seated as Directors. The two new candidates will replace outgoing Vice President Jackie Hughes and Director Stan Herman.

As in past elections, a special election forum will be available for MOA members to read and interact with the candidates running for election. The election forum will be available by accessing the MOA FORUMS section of the MOA website (NOTE: The Candidate Forum will not be available until April 1, 2017.)

If you encounter problems accessing the forums or if you are new to the forums and need help with specific posting guidelines associated with the election forum in the Clubhouse section, contact Forum Liaison Kurt Schrader and he will be more than happy help you.

After thoughtfully considering your choices for Director, properly fill out your ballot and place it in the mailbox, no need for a stamp. All ballots must be postmarked before April 30 and received by May 10, 2017, to be counted. (NOTE: Ballots only available as part of the April 2017 issue of Owners News.)

The MOA Board of Directors would like to personally thank the volunteers that comprise the Candidate Search Committee (Election Committee) who have diligently worked to bring forth qualified and motivated members to the board, ensuring the healthy future of this great organization we all know and love. Thank you to Tom Buttars, Don Hamlin and Dave Swider. Your continued service to the organization, like so many of our volunteers, is exemplary and brings honor to the BMW MOA.

The candidates' statements are presented below, in alphabetical order according to their last name.

Rudy G. Baumann, Jr. #107916

First of all, I have always loved to ride. My first bike was a ’67 Honda 50 which my brother and I pounded without mercy. It’s a good thing he was always mechanically inclined. My dad was also a top notch mechanic and always loved to drive, and he instilled this into his sons.

I am a veteran of the Marine Corps, where I served my country proudly here and abroad. After the service, I attended culinary arts college to be a chef, and that is the profession my career is in. Listening is becoming a lost art, and that is why I feel I’d like to be on the Board. I want to provide my skills as a people person to hear what members are saying, bring those thoughts and concerns to the table and brainstorm on how we can come up with solutions to improve our great organization. I see a great future in the growth of the organization. In the past, I have written letters and made phone calls to my representatives in regards to many subjects such as the Federal Ethanol Mandate and safety awareness for motorcyclists and automobile drivers. I‘ve always made it a point to talk to members about their thoughts and concerns at rallies and meetings. I enjoy speaking with other riders about what their clubs are involved in. It’s important to me to hear as well as be heard.

I appreciate your consideration and welcome your thoughts.

Wayne Bogan #194765

I’ve always loved motorcycles, and I rode a dirt bike as a kid. But I didn’t really start riding until 2012 when I bought my first motorcycle, a used 2008 K 1200 GT. It was a great way to test myself and learn what I really loved the most about riding. I realized very quickly that I enjoyed the touring aspect and traveling across America. I signed up for my first rally at Fontana, and it was there that I recognized 1) the strength of the MOA community and 2) the lack of younger members. Ever since that rally in 2014, I’ve asked myself how I could best give back to the community. The best way I know is to take action now and start doing something. I’ve joined the board of directors for our local Carolina’s BMW MOA and ask for your consideration for the BMA MOA board of director’s position.

My goal for joining the board of directors is help strengthen and significantly grow the community. My focus would be on three specific areas: community, new members and education. First, I would like to focus on the experience and stories within the current community through interviews with members. These interviews would help frame up the story of why there is such a love, loyalty and excitement for riding motorcycles—BMW in particular. They need to be shared within the community and outside the community.

Second, I would like to leverage the feedback from current members to share with prospective members/future BMW owners through BMW ON and social media. Motorcyclists love to openly share their experiences on what to do and what not to do. People buy products based on stories and recommendations. People often choose travel destinations based on someone else’s recommendation. I want BMW MOA to be THE PLACE for anyone who wants to learn about motorcycles. This will naturally grow the community.

Third, there is a massive amount of knowledge within this community. We need to gather that information and share openly with prospective and new members. The BMW MOA should be a central location to get as many of the answers as possible. YouTube and others tools are great, but it takes time to find the right answer. BMW MOA should be the first source people think about when they want to learn about motorcycles--experiences, riding, products, etc. Let’s make it easy to find the top answers to the top questions.

People don’t care about how much you know until they know that you care. I want to listen first and then share as much as possible to grow the community. As a family, we should take care of each other and then always mentor the next generation. The best time to make things better is now.

I look forward to the opportunity to listen and serve you to the best of my abilities.

Deb Lower #9927

I am running for a position on the BMW MOA Board of Directors because now is the time when the MOA can play an important role in providing a sense of community among BMW riders. We have diverse groups among the membership, but at the center of each is a deep-seated desire to share our experiences riding, work on BMWs and attend events with other riders.

My volunteering to support the MOA and local Chartered Clubs has been an important part of my life. I’ve chaired/co-chaired five MOA National Rallies: Moodus (1994), Gillette (2008), Redmond (2010), Salem (2013) and St. Paul (2014). It was my great pleasure to chair the Top O’ the Rockies Rally in Paonia, Colorado, for several years. Currently I am the Treasurer of the Pikes Peak BMW Riders and a member of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado, the BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis, and several virtual “fun loving” clubs such as the Knights of the Roundel. My running motorcycles are a 2014 BMW GS, 2013 BMW GT and a 1983 R80ST. I’ve logged over 600,000 miles on BMWs.

As I leave my current part-time consulting in early 2017, I have the time and energy to dedicate to service on the MOA Board. In the past I have served as MOA President, Vice-President, Secretary and elected Treasurer. I understand the time commitment needed and ways to be an effective board member. I have served on the BMW MOA Foundation Board which manages G.E.A.R.S. and is the provider of rider education scholarships. I’ll leave the Foundation Board in early 2017.

I want your vote and support because I have the knowledge and experience to be able to provide insights to strengthen MOA’s financial viability, emphasize the importance of the Owners News, promote the use of the MOA forum to share information and to continue to expand the opportunities for MOA members to gather at the MOA International Rally, MOA Getaways, Chartered Club events and Regional Coordinator activities.

MOA is our organization, and as a board member I will work to assure that we remain member oriented, supporting communication among members through the Owners News, our Forum, social media and Regional Coordinator activities. We must continue to provide Chartered Clubs with the use of the Roundel and avenues for distribution of information about local club events and maintain the Ambassador Program.

We have an opportunity to have MOA be the way it used to be with a focus on member benefits, connecting riders to one another and sharing a sense of camaraderie. Make the BMW MOA the great club we know it to be.

Roger Trendowski #88147

I joined the MOA 17 years ago, after restarting my riding career following a 20-year hiatus. The choice of a motorcycle to ride was obvious to me, it had to be a BMW. Since then I have been actively involved with the BMW MOA, the New Jersey BMW Riders Club, and the Finger Lakes BMW Riders. I am also a member of the Airheads and the Iron Butt Association. My commitment to these clubs through my volunteer work has helped me to give something back. I was privileged and honored to be awarded an Ambassadorship by the MOA.

You may have seen or heard of me as I have led the registration process at MOA International Rallies for the past five years. Before that, I co-chaired or volunteered in Registration for several years. I also support my local clubs, in the NJ SHORE BMW Riders club, I have been president, VP, treasurer, secretary and trustee. As a member of the Finger Lakes BMW Riders, I actively help plan and support our excellent Labor Day rally in Watkins Glen, New York.

My professional background in global telecommunications includes strategic planning, marketing, business management, sales, magazine editor and writer. For six years after that I ran my own strategy and market planning company. For the last eight years I ran the operations and finances for a religious school and church. I am currently a board member of a non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities and have just retired from another board that supported at-risk youth. I have two graduate degrees (business and engineering), an undergraduate in Math and an associate degree in electronics.

One of my life-long learnings is that “things can always be improved” and “change can be good.” It’s been true for both business processes and hiring talent. In my business and other responsibilities this approach has proven invaluable when introducing incremental positive changes and outcomes. While leading the MOA Rally registration function, I’ve introduced incremental changes to improve the speed and efficiency of the registration process. We automated the registration process with PCs and cell phone ticket reader apps and reduced overall paperwork and office activities. Starting four years ago as part of registration planning, I designed and implemented an automated registration volunteer website.

In the past I have volunteered in the MOA booth at the NYC motorcycle show where I set up and managed the booth to solicit new and renewal memberships. Taking the time to listen to our members I have gained an understanding of what members want and need from the MOA.

Maintaining and expanding our relationship with members, local clubs, BMW dealers, and BMW while improving the financial viability of our organization are critical to the survival of the MOA. I feel I have the skills, experience and time to positively contribute towards achieving these goals.

That is why I ask for your support in electing me to the Board of the BMW MOA.

The timeline of the election is as follows:

  • April 1, 2017 - voting opens
  • April 30, 2017 - voting closes
  • May 10, 2017 - last day to receive ballots
  • May 15, 2017 - Election Committee certifies the election, reports results to the President and Secretary, and notifies Candidates
  • July 2017 - Election results published in Owners News
  • July 12, 2017 - New Board members installed at Rally Board meeting
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