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Thread: Recommendations for Motorcycle Jack Stand

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    Recommendations for Motorcycle Jack Stand

    I was attempting to lube the splines on my K11RS and learned the hard way the value of a motorcycle jack stand. Any recommendations on a brand and/or model. Looking at them in the catalogs they do not look wide enough to hold a heavy bike and keeping it from tipping over even with straps.


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    If you are a member of Costco they have one, I bought one for about $75 a couple of years ago. It easily lifts the GS with luggage and can move around the garage too. It came with straps and rolling stool too.

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    I've seen several different ones, and haven't found anyone unhappy with theirs. Be mindful of shipping charges though, they're usually overweight for regular UPS. I ordered one from one of my suppliers and the shipping was almost $50 after the surcharges.
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