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Thread: Cee Baily Windshields

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    R. "Chris" Christensen
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    Cee Baily Windshields

    I just returned to MOA so if this has been addressed please excuse. What do you think of the Cee Baily Euro windshield and how do their seats fair???

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    Cee Bailey

    I purchased an 18 inch clear Cee Bailey windshield for my 2005 F650GS. I am very pleased with the wind and rain protection it provides and it was easily installed. The curved designed pushes the airflow up and over. I am 5'4" and can still easily see over the top of the windshield.

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    I purchased a cee bailey windshield for my R1200C, I could not deal with the distortion it had so I returned it and bought a genuine BMW whindshield which was much better
    Gene T

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    Kevin Nichols
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    I have used the CB +4.5 euro for the last 3k miles and find it superior to the factory plastic. There is a slight amount of distortion at the flip but is acceptable. The wind deflection is great, I thought I would be disappointed with the euro cut, but after owing it I am glad I got it. BTW mine has the slight grey tint (almost unnoticeable) which I also thought I might regret, but find that I like the look and it is NOT too dark.

    Kevin Nichols
    2004 1150RT
    2003 KTM 450 EXC (w/ auto-clutch)

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    I visited Mortons on Saturday and they had an R1150RS with a Parabellum windshield on it.. Let alone that the bike was to disgusting to be sitting on a showroom floor, the windshield was FUUGLY!! Totally ruined the lines and the look of the bike..
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    I have Cee Bailey windshields and headlight guards on all my modern BMWs -- R1200RT, R1200GS, and R1150RT. They are first class. CB's are all I use now. They can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes and shapes for nearly any BMW. You choose.

    Distortion should not be a problem because you do not look through a motorcycle's windshield -- you look just over it.

    I have Cee Bailey's leather saddle on my R1200GS. Also very fine:

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