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Thread: Blue Ridge Camping

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    Blue Ridge Camping

    I'm heading out to do the Blue Ridge on Saturday and have programmed several motorcycle only campgrounds into the Zumo. I've got High Country, Willville, Rider's Roost, Kickstand Lodge, Blue Ridge, Iron Horse, and Cherohala Motorcycle Resort programmed in. I know there are a few others, but I think these are sufficient. Last time I was at High Country, I was disappointed in the cleanliness and facilities and there was no one else there. Has that improved in the last five years? Willville was great, so no issues there. How is Rider's Roost? I might try that instead of High Country. Blue Ridge was great and I have been to Iron Horse which was fine. Any comments on these or others? I don't wish to stay at a place dominated by the loud bike crowd.

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    The only one I can comment on is the Iron Horse. While I don't consider it close to the BRP they are a top notch facility run by owners who live on the property. John is or was a K1200LT rider himself.
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    Willville is nice and quite. Very laid back. It has rained every time we have stayed there. It is our stop over on the way to the Kickstand.
    The Kickstand can be loud, on the weekend. You can make your self at home. Food and beer are there just help self and add to the jar. Camp back in the corner near the cows, they are quite.
    Both are clean and well kept. We stay at both places each year. Can't wait to go again.
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    Not so near to the parkway, but I wanna plug my buddy's place since you've brought up motorcycle based campgrounds. It's Switchback Creek, close to Shady Valley, TN- just off US 421, the road "they" call The Snake. He's building it up, so it's kind of bare bones- with a couple of cabins and a big nice shower/bath house (and laundry I do believe) facility.

    Sounds like you might not get that far south. but here's his website with contact info.
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    Kind of late

    But I used the CHerohala resort as base camp for a week in late April and was very happy. The facilities were nice and the owners were more so. They picked up some food stuffs for us before we arrived so we had cold beverages at hand as we unpacked, and they even threw the steaks on the grill as we chilled that first evening. I will definitely return.

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    The Ironhorse campground is probably the finest in the country. I think I heard the Cherohala campground has closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tewster2 View Post
    The Ironhorse campground is probably the finest in the country. I think I heard the Cherohala campground has closed.
    This years Thumper Thaw was held there & I was expecting a noisy place to hang out for a couple of days-pleasantly surprised by an extremely clean, quiet place to camp.Food is decent. They also have "cabins". Some are MC lodgings are too loud, thus I lean toward National Forest campsites or state forest campsites.
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