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Thread: 2000 k1200rs

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    2000 k1200rs

    While still owning 2 airheads, an 84 R100 and an 82 R100RS, I have taken a step into the dark side. I just purchased a 2000 K1200RS. the bike has 25000 miles on it and is very clean. First order of business will be a major service, as it has not been serviced for a few years, then I will ride it to the best of my ability. The airheads were faster than I am and this machine is MUCH faster than I am, but I wanted something more modern. The colors are the silver and blue zebra.

    What should I be on the lookout for? (other than highway patrol?)

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    Make sure the plastic fuel line quick disconnects have been replaced with metal ones. The metal ones from Beemerboneyard look like chrome and you can see them on the right side through the opening in the fairing.

    The rear seal can leak. Check the seam between the trans and engine for seepage.

    This picture shows the metal QDs

    Bob, is a great site for info on the K1200RS
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