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Thread: 1993 K75S Telescopic Fork Torque Settings

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    1993 K75S Telescopic Fork Torque Settings

    Which is the correct torque setting for the "locking tube" for a 93 K75S ECE: 65 +/- 5 NM or 45 +/-3 NM?

    I cannot confirm whether I have the 7mm deep Hex nut or the 5mm deep Hex nut.

    The Clymer and Haynes make no mention of the 65NM torque figure, only the BMW manual; I have all three hard copies.
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    If you aren't sure, there are rules of thumb.

    Tight always works for me. The engineers at BMW aren't so brite as to re-invent torque tables. I can't think in metric but a 1/4" thread is around 12 ft lbs of torque and 5/16" is around 20 ft lbs and 3/8" is close to 30 ft lbs.

    The +/- is usually used for latitude for torque wrenches that haven't been calibrated and doesn't account for lubricated/rusty/non-lubricated threads.

    I had a very expensive experience lately where the manufacturer gave me the torque, set my calibrated torque wrench, looked at the bolt and went, "really, that much?" After I snapped the first two bolts I decided tight was good enough.
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