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Thread: 2011 R1200GS - Ever had to actually adjust a valve?

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    2011 R1200GS - Ever had to actually adjust a valve?


    My bike has 92,000km on it. The valves have been checked every 10,000km but so far none have ever actually required adjustment as they have always been within spec.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever actually had to adjust a valve on one of the camhead bikes.

    I know how to do it, but so far it hasn't been required.

    The engine seems to be a very stable design from a valve adjustment point of view.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    Dave McDougall
    2011 R1200GS

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    Camhead valve adjustment.

    Never had to adjust the valves. My bike has only 18k miles so far but everything is in spec.

    The picture below shows the clearances at 12k (top) and 18k (bottom).
    I am probably going to change my valve clearance inspection from every 6k to every 12k miles.

    2011 R1200RT
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    nope, never had to adjust as yet on my 2013 RT with 26000+miles...checked them 3 times so far at 6000mile change and "on the money" clearance wise....but i think i will continue to check ever 6k.....

    did do some adjusting to a 2007 RT on saturday....5 out of the 8 were ever so slightly loose....
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    No adjustment needed at 6k. At 12k two of the eight were on the loose end of the range but still in spec. Rather then leave them I decided I would adjust all to bring them as close as possible to the center of the range. The job was simple, worst part was waiting a week or so for several shims to come in.

    I will continue to check every 6k. I suspect all will be fine at 18k.
    2012 R1200RT - Fluid Grey Metallic

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    2010 rt

    My 010 camhead needed two inlet valves adjusted at 6k (tight). Every check up to 30k was fine, wish I could say that about the clutch.

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    2011 1200 with 54,000 miles. No adjustments.

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    On my '13 R1200RT, I have had to adjust the exhaust valves once so far at the 12k service. Upon checking on this last service (18k miles) the gaps had increased a bit, but not out of spec. I'm curious if next check they will need to be adjusted again or if they will have "settled" by then.

    I reorganized my valve records with a table the way Heinze did to keep better track of any changes made. I still have a separate file with the current valve gaps and shim sizes.

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    Nate R
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