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Thread: Prince Edward Island

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    Prince Edward Island

    I'll be riding from Rochester, NY to PEI with my adult son in August (and annual, father-son trip), but have never been there before. Anyone have any tips? Any info would be appreciated

    PS: I haven't posted on the forum in quite a while - so I apologise in advance, if I am posting this in a less than appropriate category.
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    Take in a Ceilidh if you can.
    For interest sake, take the bridge on, and the Ferry off.
    Visit down town Charlottetown and have a beer.
    The College of Piping in Summerside has a Highland Gathering.
    If you are a history buff. Its the birth place of Canada.
    Have fun.
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    Actually take the ferry on and bridge off. Fee determined by mode of exit and the bridge is cheaper. I did a ride report last year from our trip around PEI and Nova Scotia on Advrider. Or go to blog- Great German restaurant listed that you will pass. Have fun, my wife and I will be going to NS next year then on to Newfoundland then Labrador.

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    Agree with all of the above but also take lots of patience. August? There are going to be a LOT of old farts driving RVs they should have never tried to drive and gawking at the scenery and pulling off at any old place without notice.

    The whole place is a post card so slow down and enjoy it along with them.

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    Ferry on and bridge off... unless you don't care about the ferry's cost increase. Bridge on and ferry off would be best if you want to venture on to beautiful Cape Breton Island (a few days minimum) Also, wait time is less coming from the island. Great camping, beaches and lots of nice little 'out of the way' spots. Don't worry if your side road narrows ... a lot... and you find yourself in a field. Always a friendly person to steer you right as well as chat a bit. Check out the festival schedule for August on their Provincial site. Coming from NY? If $ doesn't matter, there is the ferry out of Portland going to Yarmouth, NS but that puts you a good four hours away from bridge or PEI ferry. Not practical unless you want to enjoy meandering along the NS coast (make that two days rushing!). Still pricey option me thinks.

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