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Thread: 2013 R1200 RT Steering Head Cap

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    2013 R1200 RT Steering Head Cap

    I have an issue where the BMW logo/90 year badge that acts as the steering head cap on my bike just does not want to stay in place.
    It popped up once and I got it back in and it stayed for some time, but now it is down/in place but just does not want to stay there (vibrates, rotates & moves around) and comes up easily.

    I know the rubber gasket is supposed to hold it in place, but it does not create enough friction to do so. Is there any recommended sealer or adhesive I could use that would keep it in place but not make it impossible to remove when times comes that it needs to be removed?

    I have ordered a new ORing in hops that maybe due to the heat of living in a detached garage in AZ heat that will solve it, but in case it does not suggestions are appreciated.

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    Look for a friendly auto parts store. 3M Trim Adhesive. That will hold it in.. and it will probably still be removable if needed..
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    This is a warranty item.
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    That 3M Trim Adhesive is good stuff. Have used it to recently to repair loose trim on an K1200RS. Much better than black silicone which someone had previously used in a futile attempt..

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    +1 on 3M Adhesive (or weatherstrip) adhesive. Great stuff. Careful with it - the solvent in it can do damage and a little goes a long way. If you get it on your fingers you will be picking it off for hours.


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