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Thread: Sertao tires?

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    Sertao tires?

    I am changing from a 1200gs to a Sertao to do more back roads here in southwestern CO, any recommendations for more aggressive off road tires?

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    The Continental Twinduro TKC80 has good reviews on Amazon. So does the chunky-monkey Dunlop D606 Dual Sport. I'll probably go with the Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara. More off-road than what came on my Sertao but still good on the street where I'll spend most of my time.

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    I have run 2 sets of TKC 80's, 2 sets of Heideneau K60 Scouts (second set removed and sold because I could not accept the poor off road/mud performance) and currently have a set of Michelin t63's mounted on my '06 Dakar. I have no experience with the Dunlop D606.

    I won't use the Heideneau K60 Scouts again because of their poor performance in mud and soft conditions. They are the go to tire for the larger GS's because in these sizes they have a different tread pattern which provides longer tread life. I get the same tread life from the TKC 80's as the Heideneau's, the TKC's are almost as good on pavement and far superior off pavement and they are cheaper.

    I am currently running a set of Michelin T63's. These are my favorites so far. I like them better than the Heideneau's on pavement, and off pavement/off road they provide better traction than the TKC 80's. They are surefooted in mud and soft conditions, and feel smooth and sticky on pavement. They are also the least expensive of the lot, which makes replacing tires every 5000 miles less painful.

    Here is a photo of the Heideneau I removed, and the T63's I replaced them with.

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    I have had several sets of TKC80's on bikes, Karoos and Dunlop 606s and they are all good. I would say the TKC's lasted the longest on the road and had a great balance of hwy and gravel etc. the Karoos were the best off road closely filled by the 606's. The latter two were a little noisier on the asphalt but soft enough to bite hard in mud and gravel. The price of traction is wear though and so they give up a little life to the TKC's.

    For my riding where most is on asphalt and gravel I like the TKC's overall. They are quieter than you would expect, smooth on the road with sir lug pattern and have enough traction and stability to make you smile on the cornering too. Just my opinion.

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