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Thread: BMW Motorrad Advisory: Stop Riding Your 2014 R1200RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarlG View Post
    I am in complete agreement. It was, in my opinion, a bragging rights technology deployment on a touring bike. Something that no other manufacturer offers in that category. Numerous good riders had reported it's limitations in the lower gears in numerous reviews. On my test ride on a demo I found the same. I specifically looked for a bike without it to help lower the cost on an option that did not have much use for me with my intended style of riding a 600lb Sport Tourer

    I like shifting and downshifting and matching revs. Even on the track with a Duc 1098S I was perfectly happy without a speed shift although I can see where it's usefulness in the track setting would be welcomed. I really like the partial slipper clutch in the new RT and in the Duc MTS and felt the full slipper , dry clutch in the 1098S very useful.

    The hill start assist won an award for good reason. Autos have had it for awhile and it is brilliant in a motorcycle.
    Glad to hear this because the '14 that I will be getting next week has everything except shift assist and auto lock. Thanks for the report.

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    Karl makes a good point and I think I'm going to pass. My reasoning is I ride multiple bikes and sure enough I'll try shifting one of them without the clutch. Heck, when I get off the scooter I find myself pulling in the clutch on the bikes while trying to stop at the first couple of stops!

    I used to own a Maico dirt bike that, once underway, you never used the clutch. When you did use it, it was a good workout! It used a belleville washer type of clutch spring. Never slipped but was a bear to pull in the lever! No computer on that bike!
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    While I have the shift assist on my bike, I find that I don't use it. After years on dirty bikes, I find that I can shift quicker the old way.
    Rob Lessen

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