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Thread: Central Europe in August with Edelveiss

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    Central Europe in August with Edelveiss

    I am riding with Edelweiss Motorcycle Tours this August on their "Best of Europe" tour and am looking for advice on riding apparel. We will be in German, France, Switzerland, and Austria. How warm and how cold does it get? Hoping to hear from someone who has been on this exact tour with Edelweiss. Any advice appreciated.

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    It will be warmer in the valleys than you expect. It can be cold up in the Alps, but you won't at high altitudes for long periods of time............

    Take what you would normally where in NC and add a cool weather layer in your saddle bag.

    Rain? Never know?

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    I have seen 100 degrees and snow in August. Take along a polypropylene shirt and on hot days stop at the fountains that are in the center of almost every town, take it off and wet it and slip it back on, put your riding jacket back on and you have 30-45 minutes of cool.

    On cold days, layer, and remember your speeds will be 20-35 mph, so riding at 35 degrees is not that bad. Not like tooling along 70 on the slab in N America.
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    What you ride makes a difference in that a fairing and hand guards (on a GS) can be very nice when cold and rainy, but pure hell when hot.

    I now bring two pairs of gloves; one for cooler weather and one that is vented or mesh for hot weather.

    When you are riding in fog and rain on a pass and it is 6C (that was in June), even with grip warmers on my GS, it was getting cold. With visibility at maybe 50 feet, you are not moving that fast and the pass crossing will take longer and you'll be colder longer. These are rare instances.

    Bring gear that is waterproof or bring a rainsuit. Same for overgloves and overboots if your riding boots are not Goretex.

    For hot weather I have been using PUG Coolmax freshFX gear for about six years now. A top quality product that makes Under Armor look like junk. I just bought a second top and my first set of bottoms. The Coolmax fresh FX uses a silver based additive to suppress odor and after 3 days of use in hot weather, it still smelled fresh. I'll get 4 days between washings and it dries overnight.
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