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Thread: 2002 K1200RS - engine revs unexpectedly

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    2002 K1200RS - engine revs unexpectedly

    Would an intake air leak cause the engine to rev up without throttle input? Where the leak need occur - before an airflow sensor? I'm trying to understand how a leak might cause my engine to rev
    Thanks for any input

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    Air leak

    Spray a little WD-40 around the throttle bodies and connections to the intake manifold. Any change in RPM will be a clue.

    It's not very sophisticated but a simple place to start.
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    On your bike (and almost all internal combustion engines) the engine speed is throttle controlled. That is, a throttle plate "throttles" or restricts air flow into the cylinder(s). When you open the throttle the engine speeds up. If you have an air leak that is after the throttle plate in a carburetor or throttle body then the cylinder is getting more air than intended and the rpm will be higher. This is generally noticed as a high idle speed.
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