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Thread: 08 R1200RT won't start

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinRT View Post
    I got the bike started today jumping it from my car. Fired right up. Took it for the first ride of the year, about 80 km, and it wouldn't start when I returned. The Odyssey was only 13 months old. I was expecting better service from it than this. Either a defective battery or perhaps my Battery Tender is defective, but I would suspect the former.

    Thanks for the input everyone.
    and it's nice that you let us know how things worked out.
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    The early death of an Odyssey battery was reported on last October by Moshe Levy. After posts for help and some very unpleasant experiences, he shared the results of his trouble shooting and responses from Odyssey. In particular, Odyssey pointed out that many of the battery tenders available are not recommended for their battery as it needs a higher float voltage than normal. The thread also provides a procedure which may allow recovery of a discharged Odyssey.

    Additional charging details are in the Odyssey Technical Manual, pg16.

    If you do not have one of the recommended chargers for winter storage, you will be better off simply disconnecting the battery for winter. One of the strengths of the Odyssey is its ability to maintain a charge for long periods without use.
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    I just had my Odyssey PC680 replaced under warranty. It was on their Optimate charger, getting the correct charging voltage when not in use, bike hadn't been run for about 6 weeks.
    Key on, dash lights OK, press starter, everything goes blank. Volt meter shows batery at 11.2, key on show 8.4.
    Battery on charger, meter shows it going to 12.5 before going to float, should go to 14! Meter shows battery immediatly discharging.
    Got an RA from Battery Mart and sent it in. After a week of testing they sent a replacement. Voltage out of the box, 12.5.
    Placed in bike, key on voltage 12.3.
    Plugged in charger, watched it go to 14 and then to float.
    All is good, went for a ride!
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    I've been using Odysseys a long time in track machinery and bikes and never had a problem with one. BUT it can happen with any so glad you got yours diagnosed correctly and replaced.

    lkraus note on chargers should be read and understood by anyone using an Odyssey. They (and other AGMs) have unique charging requirements and antique stuff you have laying around for your old wet lead acid batteries is a lot more likely to damage an Odyssey than do it any good.

    An Odyssey showing low capacity can sometimes be recovered by a series of deep discharges followed by proper charging. I've done this with old 920s used in my track cages and had good results and a few more years of life out of the battery- it works well, sometimes.

    A few years ago I switched to the 680 in all of our bikes that it fits- haven't had to replace any yet. Have had a couple instances where one got so deeply discharged from parasitic draw my normal AGM chargers wouldn't initiate a charge (they think anything under 7V is permanently deceased which isn't always true). So I dug out my antique maintenance free car battery charger that puts out over 15V to anything connected to recover them- and they're still in use.

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    Read Roger's posts on charging batteries.

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