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Thread: Afermarket Windscreens? 2012 K1300S

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    Afermarket Windscreens? 2012 K1300S

    Considering the Zero Gravity Touring or Touring "B" windscreen. Bar risers and a 5'11" frame has my chin comfortably above the wind on back-road twisties. However, a bit of turbulence hits my helmet mid-face at "higher speeds". What I don't want to do, however, is push the air envelope just over me so it buffets my passenger when she's back there. Any experience out there with K1300S aftermarket windscreens? Forgive any protocol mistakes; first post ever...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Short of finding some compadres with same bike setup and various screens, hard to find one good option.

    Helen has some Saeng micro swirl edging on her R bike...and a piece of house brand from Cycle Gear currently on her K12S. The Saeng is pricey by the foot, but if it does not work for you, somebody will buy it from you . She's tried it on a few different bikes and likes the change in wind effects.
    It's cheaper than a screen , maybe worth a shot.
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    2012 K1300S Windscreen Options

    Had not seen that edging and will look into it. Thanks for the pic and link; much obliged.

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