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Thread: Clean/Refresh Speedo/Tach plastic lens - Ideas?

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    Clean/Refresh Speedo/Tach plastic lens - Ideas?

    New to me 92GSPD has cloudy lens covering speedo and tach. Can these be cleaned/polished to restore or replaced without replacing actual gauge?


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    Try a "headlight polishing kit" from your local auto parts store. Or maybe jeweler's rouge, a fine dark red polishing compound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srq.fl View Post
    New to me 92GSPD has cloudy lens covering speedo and tach. Can these be cleaned/polished to restore or replaced without replacing actual gauge Thanks
    Is the cloudiness on the outside surface? Or on the inside left from moisture residue over the years?

    I have a '78 R100, and over the wintertime, I took mine apart to fix the trip meter. While apart, I found that most of my cloudiness was on the inside. So, I simply cleaned with a glass cleaner and a soft lint-free rag. Then, I also did the outside. Worked wonders! Mine look like new!

    If yours is due to surface degradation (as modern headlight covers on automobiles do), then some sort of polishing is due. Be careful to use something with very little abrasion. I learned that simple toothpaste with some water moisture works wonders. Be careful to test first to make sure nothing gets damaged. Then, after that, a good polish (not a "cleaner-wax"), then a good finish wax will smooth up.
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    I suggest sending a message to Terry Vrla, aka "Wirespokes"

    Terry is listed in the resource directory, is very knowledgable in this area, a nice guy, does a good job, and is reasonable & prompt.
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    I have sent gauges to Terry and also to North Hollywood Speedometer. I think either can replace that lens. In fact, I just sent Terry a set of PD gauges for that exact reason. On a different job I sent all three gauges from a R1200C Montauk to NHS for lens cleaning (they were fogged on the inside) and they came back just like new. Either can do the job.
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    Mcguirars #17 clear plastic polish and cleaner about $10 at any good auto parts store or amazon.

    Works wonders, and it seems to ward off future clouding.

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