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I did a lot of research on this jacket before buying. One of the common complaints was a stiff uncomfortable collar. Another was the jacket is rather stiff when new. I could overlook these correctable issues with a silk scarf and lots of riding.

It was a pleasant surprise when I found out these two complaints were addressed with the latest Latitude Misano. The collar is very pliable and fully lined with the lining folded over the top edge. I have to say no issues with the collar at all. I usually ride with the collar fully closed except in hot weather. Either way it looks to be all day comfortable. As for the second issue of the jacket being too stiff, the Misano version uses lighter more flexible material in areas unlikely to see harsh abrasion. This might be a trade off but I am happy with the change. All the impact areas are still constructed with the tougher 800 denier material.

This is one of the nicest Jackets I have owned out of many including BMW,Aerostitch, Olympia, and First Gear. It seems to combine the best attributes while remaining all day comfortable on rides. I recommend trying this Jacket before deciding on a purchase. It covered all the features I was looking for. Judging by the warranty and build quality I expect it to be very durable. Good price/ quality market position.

I Look forward to getting the Misano Latitude pants once I recover from the Holidays.
The spousal unit just told me to get the Latitude Misano pants for my Birthday next month. I will submit a report once I have them. They are ordered through Revzilla.