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Thread: LED Turn Signals - Rider Mirrors for R1200RT

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    LED Turn Signals - Rider Mirrors for R1200RT

    Good morning,

    Over some idle conversation with a riding buddy yesterday who has a R1150RT while i have an R1200RT the conversation turned to LED behind the mirror turn signal lights. He went home and came back and said they are available for his R1150RT but not the R1200RT from Muth Electrics. Found another site and before I go to crazy I thought I would put this question to the masses on the MOA board. Does any one know of an adaption kit that one could utilize that when the signal lights are on, small arrow LED lights light up on the mirrors?

    On a foot note, my buddy came off riding a new Honda Good Wing 1800, sold the machine, bought an older Kawasaki Concours and just couldn't get comfortable on the Connie. After he saw my newly acquired R1200RT, he liked the looks of the machine and over the next six to eight months his mind was rolling and he eventually found the R1150RT. Once the old gas went through the system and we put a few miles on the two machines, he had a grin from ear to ear. It was like watching the Mikey commercial, "He liked it".
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