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Thread: R1200cl Fuel Tank

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    R1200cl Fuel Tank

    Man I put this in the search and found out just about everything except what I needed. I need to get the old fuel out of my tank and since is has a pump inside I am not sure how it is done. Does anyone have a suggestion????

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    I don't know for sure about your bike.

    I have an R1100RT and some buddies have similar including an R1150RT, RS, R etc. We like to empty the tanks for winter. Need the gas for our snow blowers.

    All I have been doing is taking the pressure hose off from the tank before the quick couplers, add a 1/4" hose connector and a length of hose long enough to reach a jerry-can, key on until pump cycles and the fuel pretty much runs empty in the tank.

    Caution though, pay attention to when the jerry-can gets full otherwise you make a big, dangerous mess.

    That's what I do and it works for me. I'm sure there are other suggestions. Some pretty smart solutions are shared here.
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    Hey thanks for the tip. I currently have the tank off the bike, I just put a new clutch on it and wanted to drain it since it sat so long. Maybe when I get it all back together I will do it that way.

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