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Thread: R1100RT Throttle Body Knock

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    R1100RT Throttle Body Knock

    When I found this, while looking for another problem, I was blown away. Originally I had thought I was looking at the expensive and time consuming complaints of cam chain tensioners or guides when I first noticed the knocking sound from my bike. I was absolutely certain that I was going into an engine rebuild along with my imminent tranny tear down.

    What I found was this (video quality isn't great, but listen):

    Something so simple, easy to repair and best of all, not a lot of money, $230.00 for both throttle bodies, full kits, OE Bing.

    And it proves my point, keep it simple. When I start taking my own advice, I will quit drinking beer.

    Yeah, that's not going to happen.
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    So what was making the noise? Did one of your butterfly shafts come loose in the bearing?
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    the shaft & bushing wear out.

    MUCH less expensive from Dan Cata, over at advrider. I purchased 2 kits from Dan, for less than one Bing kit. Just sayin'.
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    KM on TB's

    Or, KM's on bike if I might ask?

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    Anton's page on this subject can be helpful:
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    Dan has sold lots of kits for $60 a side.
    Lots of happy customers.
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